Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise with UnCruise Adventures

Un-Cruise Adventures S.S. Legacy in Portland Harbor
My first glimpse of the S.S. Legacy.

Three states, two rivers, two volcanoes and a wild canyon await.

The S.S. Legacy, an 88-passenger replica of a old time steamer ship would be my home for the next week of discovery along the wide Columbia River and the narrower Snake River.  When UnCruise Adventures acquired this lovely ship after Cruise West ceased operations in 2010, the Legacy underwent a thorough refurbishment. Today, the black hull and funnel gleamed in the late September sunlight.

I’ll admit it…I’m a latent Lewis and Clark enthusiast. I must have slept through most of my American History classes in high school because suddenly I find their mission to find the Northwest Passage to the Pacific utterly fascinating.

That’s one of the reasons why I jumped at the chance to experience this UnCruise Adventure. Woven into the colorful fabric of this off-the-grid cruise would be various onboard lectures, shoreside visits to small towns and ever-changing geological and agricultural scenery.

We’d cruise along the Columbia River as Lewis and Clark’s Corp of Discovery did 210 years ago. I looked forward to walk in the wheel ruts left by the covered wagons of brave pioneers as they ventured west to create the famous Oregon Trail. Halfway through the cruise, jet boats would take us on a day trip deep into deserted and rugged Hells Canyon.

Day One – Boarding Day

It doesn’t matter where I’m going; embarkation day always brings the same rush of excitement and trepidation for me. Excitement for being back on the water, meeting new people and getting familiar (or re-familiar!) with the ship and the places we’d visit.

Boarding the S.S. Legacy at the Port of Portland was no exception. Passengers were asked to check-in in downtown Portland between noon and 3:45pm at a private location directly across from where the ship was docked. Refreshments were provided for those that arrived early.

At 5pm, we were escorted for a 10-minute walk across the street, strolling past a fountain of dancing water that gleamed in the late Autumn sunshine until we reached the S.S. Legacy.

Un-Cruise Adventures SS Legacy muster drill
As on every ship, muster drill time.

A welcome reception at 6pm brought everyone together in the Grand Salon for hors d’oeuvres and champagne and a “Meet the Officers and Crew” introduction. And of course, a muster drill.

Onlookers lined the river’s edge as the Captain blew the ship’s horn, the ropes were untied and we slowly moved away from the dock to begin our upstream eastbound voyage along the Oregon and Washington border to where the Columbia meets the Snake River in western Idaho.

Un-Cruise Adventures S. S. Legacy Welcome Aboard Dinner menu.
Our Welcome Aboard Dinner menu. With meals like this, a few pounds gained is to be expected.

Being the only solo traveler on the ship, I sat by myself at dinner, not wanting to intrude on others (I’d do that later on) and to decompress after a three-night train journey from Chicago to Portland. But that’s another story…Click Here.

After dinner, as on river cruises everywhere, we met in the Lounge for a briefing on what to expect during our week in the middle of a beautiful and exciting nowhere.

Unlike some other river cruises, onboard the S.S.Legacy, top shelf spirits were complimentary along with the usual regional wine and beer selections. Even more unique, the western-themed Pesky Saloon offered whiskey on tap.

Un-Cruise Adventures Columbia River Cruise itinerary
In-Room TV channel displayed our Un-Cruise Adventures itinerary as well as daily info and updates.

Exhausted and to prepare for an early morning shore excursion, I headed back to my room at 9:30pm.

SS Legacy Commander Double Room
My room, #207, Commander category.

As they say, on a river cruise, everyone wakes up when the captain wakes up. Tomorrow, right after breakfast, was a visit to the massive Bonneville Dam followed by a short motor coach ride along the winding Columbia River Road to Multnomah Falls.

Good night!

Follow along with me on this seven-night cruise that traces the river voyage that Captains Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and a band of three-dozen adventurous men experienced long ago.

Day 1: Aboard the S.S. Legacy to cruise the Columbia and Snake Rivers (That’s this one)
Day 2: Bonneville Dam and towering Multnomah Falls
Day 3: A relaxing “sea” day on the river. 
Day 4: Jet Boating through Hell’s Canyon
Day 5: Walla Walla Wineries, the Whitmans and the Oregon Trail
Day 6: Maryhill Museum, The Dalles and a real Stonehenge
ay 7: Following Lewis and Clark to Fort Clatsop and a visit to Astoria, Oregon

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