Let’s work together

Who we work with

At CRUISEMAVEN we maintain our editorial independence which allows us to be selective in who we partner with, and allows us the unique ability to provide unbiased opinions of experiences, products, and services in the travel industry.

  • Hotel and Resort brands
  • Ocean and River cruise lines
  • Airlines – major carriers, private carriers, and regional carriers
  • Train lines – domestic and international
  • Tourism agencies – domestic and international

What to expect

Advertising + Partnerships

01. Reach out

Get in touch with us to initially discuss your partnership objectives, budget, and timeline. We will decide if the partnership is the right fit on this call.

02. Proposal of services

If we decided the partnership was a good fit then the CRUISEMAVEN team will work on a campaign proposal outlining the cost, timeline and deliverables of the project for approval.

03. campaign launch

Once the proposal has been approved and the contract signed CRUISEMAVEN will get to work on launching the campaign and its deliverables to the client.