Celebrity Constellation day three, Boston

After nearly twenty-four hours going northbound into two southbound nor’easters, we docked in wet and windy Boston Harbor. The prevailing weather has affected almost everyone’s demeanor; grumpy was the mood of the day amongst disappointed passengers whose shore excursions had been canceled due to the weather. My only plans were to try meet up with a high school friend that I hadn’t seen in 40 years, who was now living about thirty-five minutes outside of Boston. Mobile phones are notorious for losing their signal once inside the body of a ship. I forgot this fact and was quite surprised when at almost 10am my friend called to say that she was parked at the port. Quickly I grabbed my gear and headed downstairs towards the gangway. We had a wonderful reunion breakfast at a local hotel, caught up in one hour what had taken us four decades to accomplish and said our good-byes with promises to keep in touch.

Ian makes a great burger outdoors at the Seaside Grill

Soon after, I was back on the ship’s shuttle bus with thoughts of hot chocolate enticing me to an earlier return to the Constellation. Once aboard, we were greeted with hot hand towels and even hotter beverages. I made my way back to my cozy, warm cabin, dropped off my backpack and umbrella and decided to sample the afternoon delights at Cova Café.

All of these are complimentary; the only fee is for a specialty coffee.

Afternoon delights
Afternoon delights

People were coming back to the ship early due to the inclement weather. A few hearty souls must have made it to Boston’s North End and back because I noticed several people carrying bakery bags, evidence of a journey in search of the best Italian bakeries. I had my tiny tiramisu and was quite happy.

Tiny Tiramisu at Cova Cafe
Tiny Tiramisu at Cova Cafe

Tonight’s entertainment was a comedian named Fred Klett. The Celebrity Theater is enormous and Fred had most of the seats filled. His shtick was mainly about the foibles of married life. Since most of the audience looked to be close to or surpassed at least thirty of marital bliss, everyone was laughing up a storm. I decided to call it an early night. Early is a relative term when dinner begins at 8:30pm and ends close to 10:30pm. Oh…one stop at the casino …I played the penny slots and won $10. Too much excitement so I headed back to my room to count my winnings.

Tomorrow is Portland, Maine.  Weather is supposed to be sunny and warmer.

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