Celebrity Cruises launches cool language app for iPhone and Android

New Cruise Lingo language app for smart phones and tablets is easy to use.

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Whether you’re cruising (or even traveling) close-by or across the ocean, there usually comes a moment when you wished you had a flash card or were accompanied by a human translator.

Worry no more. Celebrity Cruises, in conjunction with the popular app, TripLingo, developed “Cruise Lingo,” an industry-first translation app especially for cruisers.

First, choose the language that you'd like to learn.
First, choose the language that you’d like to learn.

I’ve downloaded at least a half-dozen language apps out of desperation – so I don’t have to communicate in a foreign country via pictograms and sign language. All were a #fail. Cruise Lingo, however, no matter what test I put it through, always worked as I hoped.

Once you’ve downloaded it to your iPhone or (gasp!) Android, you can log in either with your Facebook account or not. I chose the easy path and used my Facebook account. Next, the Select A Language screen appears. This free version of the app offers eleven languages that span the globe, from Spanish (Mexico) or Spanish as in Spain, Hebrew, Mandarin, French or Italian and a few more.

Even though I'm half-Italian, it was a tough choice between that and French to test this app.
Even though I’m half-Italian, it was a tough choice between that and French to test this app.

Here’s where the fun begins. Start with a tap on one of the four blue boxes: My Phrases; Translator; Travel Situations or Flashcards. My Phrases and Translator seem to be the full version while Travel Situations and Flashcards have a popup screen to purchase the full-blown app version (which I’ll probably do.)

I started with My Phrases, touched Cruise Phrases and just started clicking and listening and trying to speak with sort-of an Italian accent. What this app has that I haven’t found on others is the ability to hear the phrase slowly, normal-speak or you can read and listen to a phonetic rendition. Very handy, especially when trying to get the pronunciation correct.

Press the blue buttons to hear how the phase should sound when correctly spoken.
Press the blue buttons to hear how the phase should sound when correctly spoken.

For fun and giggles, move the slider across to Slang or Crazy to hear and read different versions of the same phrase. I really think that some of the Crazy phrases could probably get you a second glance if you tried it in Italy.

“We are having a lot of fun” becomes, “It’s better than a roller coaster” with the slider at Crazy.

You can speak into the Translator, run with Flashcards or check out the options along the bottom and delve into more cultural aspects of the places you’ll visit.

Ready to start? Download the free Cruise Lingo app through your smartphone or tablet or visit:  www.celebritycruises.com/mobile. Included in the free version of the app are 80 standard phrases in 11 languages; 56 cruise-specific phrases; 20 free uses of the voice translator; access to 2,000 dictionary words translated into all 11 languages, and the culture crash course. When you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll have access to thousands of words, phrases and a full library of content.

One of my favorites on this app is the music! Along the bottom row, tap Culture –> Music and Pop Culture –> Songza. From there you can choose from Italian Pop, Folk or Italian Classics and Opera. Not familiar with Songza, I tapped Play and wow…it’s a streaming site and all the Italian music I could possibly want to hear. How about a little French Pop? Switch the language to French and navigate the same path.

Touch Culture in the bottom row of icons...
Touch Culture in the bottom row of icons…
IMG_6094 (2) (367x550)
Then select Songza and you’ll be immersed in the country’s music, from hip-hop to oldies to electronica and opera.

Thanks, Celebrity. This is a user-friendly, well-thought out and designed app which I will soon put to use in Europe later this year. I may not return home fluent in French, Italian, Spanish or German but at least I’ll know how to find my way back to the ship!

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