To Europe and Beyond 2018 – Day 7: Pinnacle Grill and a Rainbow

Today’s Photo of the Day aboard Holland America Koningsdam was a bout of sheer luck and timing.  That’s what I always say when I catch a perfect image.

I’m not a huge fan of any MDR (Main Dining Room).  I see it as banquet food for a party of 2,000.  Or 4,000 to 5,000+ on other larger ships.  The main dining room aboard Holland America Koningsdam is really pretty.  And bright.  Almost too bright.  But at least you can read the menu.

Whenever I can, I try to take a trip to the alternative or specialty restaurants.  On Koningsdam, there’s quite a bit to choose but not nearly as many as say, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ new Norwegian Bliss.  At last count of the Bliss, I estimated about 16 places to dine, whether a snack, nibble or full course dinner.  Here aboard Koningsdam, there are six free dining venues and four fee-based restaurants.  I tried to experience all of them in this 14-night crossing.

A little more than half-way through the cruise, I decided to change my usual dining plan.  More times than not, I will reserve the nicest fee-based restaurant for the last or second-to-last night of the cruise.  It all depends on how well the MDR has fared up until that point.

It was the last night of nearly a week without making landfall.  To celebrate, I called for a last minute reservation in Pinnacle Grill, Holland America’s signature steakhouse restaurant.  Dining in Pinnacle Grill has a flat fee of $35 per person.

The only available time for a reservation was 6:30pm.  Two hours earlier than I’d been having dinner all week but with no other available time, I took it.

Dining alone at an early hour in an upscale restaurant usually means you’ll have the place almost to yourself.  This evening was no different.

As I settled in, napkin placed in my lap and even before the water glass was filled, I looked over towards the window.

Threatening blue-black clouds that had slowly creeped in, their job now complete, rolled away.  As they disappeared, the setting sun had once last chance for an appearance.  The result: a beautifully framed rainbow that dropped straight into the sea.

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