So you’re going to take an Amtrak train trip!  Good for you.  Because I don’t fly, Amtrak has become my best friend.  I want to share with you my Amtrak travel articles so you can plan your Amtrak train travel, all across America.

I’ve created this table of contents for traveling on Amtrak to help you quickly find what you might need.

Amtrak Zephyr travels along a steep curve in Colorado
Aboard Amtrak California Zephyr as it hugs the mountains while following the Colorado river.


While a train trip could be as simple as buying a ticket and boarding the train, being prepared has its perks.  Whether you’re going cross-country for fun or taking Amtrak to a cruise port, these tips will help you plan your Amtrak trip.

Packing Tips for an Amtrak Overnight Trip

29 Best Tips for Overnight Amtrak Train Travel

Guide to Amtrak Sleeping Accommodations

Pre-purchase Parking at an Amtrak Station

Don’t Fly! Take Amtrak Trains to Your Cruise Port

How to Get to Los Angeles Union Station from San Pedro Cruise Port

Information How to Travel with Your Pet on Amtrak



If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know how annoying it can be if you have obnoxious neighbors.  Sometimes people don’t even realize they’re bothering someone.  The same courtesies apply to train travel.

Plus, I’m always adding information about what you can expect when you’re onboard.

Amtrak Etiquette and Advice for Coach Passengers

Amtrak Etiquette and Advice for Sleeping Car Passengers


Wifi Aboard Amtrak



Want to know what it’s like to travel on the train from Los Angeles to New York?  I’ve traveled more than once on nearly every train route on the Amtrak system.  And I love taking photos of the scenery and train stations to share with you.

Across America Aboard Amtrak Southwest Chief

Silver Star Without the Dining Car

Amtrak Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle

Aboard the Capitol Limited Superliner from Washington D.C. to Chicago

Riding the Rails from Florida to New York

From Florida to Boston for a Holland America Cruise

Please check back to this list of articles to plan your Amtrak train travel. I’m always adding more helpful advice and tips.