Amtrak Union Station in Washington DC

Amtrak Adds Over 200 New Upgraded Ticket Kiosks

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If you’re one of those travelers that prefers to purchase your Amtrak ticket at the station from a kiosk rather than the staffed ticket window, this is great news for you. 

Amtrak is introducing more than 200 new, state-of-the-art ticket kiosks in more than 150 stations across the USA. These will replace the 20-year Amtrak Quik-Trak kiosks for a much more user-friendly experience. 

The new Amtrak ticket kiosks feature an upgraded user interface similar to with other Amtrak digital channels. The kiosks will feature a minimum touch experience for the most frequently used transactions in Amtrak train stations. 

Union Station in Washington DC will be among the first to receive new Amtrak kiosks.
Washington D.C. Union Station is among the first to receive the new Amtrak kiosks.

Amtrak Ticket Kiosks Details

The new Amtrak kiosks will begin their rollout in the Northeast. The first train stations with the new kiosks are at Washington, D.C. Union Station, the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station in Wilmington, DE and Moynihan Train Hall in New York City.

The removal of the old kiosks and installing the new ones will sweep across the country from east to west. Amtrak’s new kiosks will continue to the Midwest and follow westbound into California throughout the remainder of 2021. 

“As we continue to modernize our trains and stations, we are concurrently providing modern amenities to our customers, and we are accomplishing that goal with the new Amtrak kiosk,” said Amtrak Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Roger Harris. “Our customers can trust that they will have an easy, convenient and fast experience when using these new kiosks to book or print a ticket for their next trip.”

Using the New Amtrak Kiosks

The new Amtrak kiosk are activated by touch, a credit card swipe, barcode scan, or by inserting a headset. Travelers can select their departure from any station and be able to choose and reserve their seat on trains that offer reserved seating.

Down the pike, technology enhancements will include the ability to process contactless payment. You’ll be able to enter your email and have the tickets sent directly to you.

The kiosks are designed to be fully ADA compliant. They have audio instruction to assist users with limited visibility. The kiosks are 48 inches in height to be accessible for someone in a wheelchair. 

By the end of 2021, Amtrak’s current and technologically limited Quik-Trak kiosks will be retired.

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