Amtrak Sleeper Cars and Coaches Get $28 Million in Upgrades


Amtrak Superliner Southwest Chief in New Mexico
Amtrak Superliner Southwest Chief has been upgraded, along with five more long-distance Superliner trains.


Amtrak Upgrades Their Long Distance Trains

With an upsurge in Amtrak passenger interest, this refurbishment project is finally a reality. 

Amtrak is in the midst of a multi-million dollar upgrade project that will span across all 450 long-haul passenger rail cars. 

If you consider that these passenger cars were built in the 1980s and 1990s, despite occasional upgraded touches, a full refurbishment and modernization was in dire need. 

The refurbishment project includes the double-decker Superliner and the one-level Viewliner. 

Viewliner trains run north and south along the U.S. east coast while Superliner train routes travel across the country from the midwest to the southwest and west coast. 

Sleeper Car Upgrades

Wondering what you’ll find in the newly refreshed private sleeper cars? To begin, there’s upgraded bedding (new comfy mattresses), better pillows, fluffy towels and softer sheets. 

Even the new blankets are wonderfully soft and warm.

Amtrak Upgraded New Blanket
New cozy blankets.

Amtrak plans to install lotion dispensers in all Bedrooms. In addition, each shower will have a wall-mounted three-bottle pump dispenser filled with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. This is an effort to remove the little bars of soap.

“We are marking a new era in customer experience for our historic routes that serve the country with comfortable and affordable coach seating and private rooms,” said Roger Harris, Amtrak Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer. “As we mark Amtrak’s 50th anniversary this year, these significant investments in the long distance network lay the foundation for our next decades of service.”

Refurbished Bedrooms and Roomettes

Recently completed was the refurbishing the fleet of Superliner Bedrooms. New colors and an almost total makeover went into play for these most expensive private accommodations on Amtrak.

Amtrak Superliner Bedroom View

Bedrooms, formerly called Deluxe Bedrooms, can easily sleep two adults and a child. The sofa folds out into an almost-double bed with the bud folding down above it. The upper bunk has a ladder to climb up and guard net for safety. 

The best part of booking a Bedroom is that it has its own private bathroom with shower. 

Amtrak Superliner roomette by day.
Here’s the new Superliner Roomette by day.

Upgraded Dining Services

The Dining Car now offers tablecloths, non-plastic tableware, and logo dinnerware, reinstating a sense of elegance to the dining experience. However, at this time, dining options are currently limited to passengers in sleeping cars.

Amtrak menu for long distance trains
New Amtrak Traditional Dining menu.
Amtrak three-course Dinner Menu.
Amtrak’s three course dinner menu.

The Dining Car with its Traditional menu returns with tablecloths, non-plastic tableware, and logo dinnerware. 

Coach Seating Improvements

Amtrak Coach Seats Lower Level
Lower level coach seats on Superliners.

Both levels of Superliner coaches have received upgrades, including new colors, cushions, and carpets. With wide reclining seats, coach passengers are more comfortable throughout the journey. 

Additional Enhancements

In addition to train refurbishments, Amtrak has restored daily service on all 12 long-distance routes and expanded the features of the USA Rail Pass, with up to ten rides in a 30-day period. The BidUp Program has also been expanded to bid up to a sleeping accommodation, Business or Acela Class.

New Amtrak Upgrades on Long Distance Train Routes a Success

It’s been a long time in the planning. Finally Amtrak is making fantastic progress with improvements to an aging fleet. With 15 train routes in almost every state, Amtrak is poised and positioned for the future of rail travel in the U.S.

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