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All about river cruises, coastal cruises and small ship cruises on inland waters.  Learn how to plan your river cruise and how to choose the best river cruise for your vacation.  Read our river cruise line profiles and information about each river.  If it’s about a river cruise, you’ll find what you need here.

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Before You Go – How to Plan a River Cruise

Life Aboard – What to Expect on a River Cruise

Choose Your  River Cruise Company – River Cruise Lines’ Profiles

Find the Right River for Your Cruise – Overview of All the Rivers

Scenic River Cruise Ship Scenic Jade on

Five Favorite Scenic River Cruises in Europe

Introduction to Scenic River Cruises If you’re not familiar with Scenic River Cruises, it’s an all-inclusive, luxury European river cruise company.  Unlike most other river cruise lines, Scenic River Cruises is really an all-inclusive, luxury experience.  Included in the price of your cabin is airfare and transfers, food, beverages, gratuities and even your own private […] Read more…

American Cruise Lines Adds More Riverboats and Coastal Ships

American Cruise Lines keeps rolling on the rivers by leaps and bounds. This Connecticut-based cruise line is adding more small riverboats and coastal ships to their expanding fleet. Over the past two years, American Cruise Lines aggressive ship-building program has expanded and they launched a new ship in 2017 and two new ships in 2018. […] Read more…

Scenic view from atop Miltenberg Castle on the Main River.

How to Choose Which Europe River Cruise is the Best

When it comes time to decide which Europe river cruise is the best for you, it’s not so much about the river cruise line, but the actual river itself. Europe River Cruises on the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers Imagine towering cathedrals, castles perilously perched at the edge of cliffs and medieval monasteries.  Ancient cities […] Read more…

Scenic view from atop Miltenberg Castle on the Main River.

The Best Time of Year to Take a River Cruise

Talk to five different people and you’ll get five different answers about the best time to take a river cruise.  When deciding when to go on a river cruise, there are a lot of factors to consider. Deciding the best time to go on a river cruise I get asked this question all the time. […] Read more…

Sunset behind the Buda Castle as the Viking Lif is docked for the night at the Chain Bridge.

Viking Lif River Ship Review and Photos

European river cruises are, in my opinion, the best way to visit the heart of Europe.  Sure, I love cruise ships and cruises that go around Europe. If you want to explore a variety of small towns and port cities and not have to pack and unpack, you need a river cruise. Viking River Cruises is the […] Read more…

The Danube really does look blue, especially towards sunset.

Danube River Overview

If you’re not humming the melody to this Johann Strauss waltz by the end of your Danube river cruise, well, there’s something amiss. Depending upon your location and sunlight, there is some truth to the fabled blue color. The mighty Blue Danube river flows nearly 1,780 miles from the southwest corner of Germany to its […] Read more…

Take a bus or hike to the hilltop Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Germany on a Mosel River cruise.

Mosel River Overview in Germany’s Reisling Region

The Mosel river could be considered petite by European river standards.  It is only 339 miles long. However, this meandering river is anything but diminutive. Since Roman times, the Mosel region has cultivated excellent white wines and now contributes one-third of Germany’s wine production. Along the Mosel river From its source in the Vosges Mountains […] Read more…

Viking Adds New Europe Itineraries, Pre- & Post- Options, River Ships

Viking just announced two new Europe river cruise itineraries planned for this year plus pre- and post-cruise options, beginning March 2019.  The timing is perfect. New river cruise itineraries To commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Viking has put together a new 11-day cruise and tour itinerary.  The tour portion begins in London and continues […] Read more…

AmaCerto in Basel.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Like AmaWaterways

Because there are river cruises…and then there are river cruises. Just like Caribbean cruises, Europe river cruises visit almost the same ports and cities. With so much repetitiveness along the major rivers of Europe, what makes AmaWaterways river cruises stand out from the crowd?  Every river cruise line has their high points that distinguishes them from the pack. So… […] Read more…

Bamburg, Germany on Main river cruise

Main River Information

The Main River is sandwiched between the Rhine and the Danube and a mere 326 miles long. The headwaters begin in Bavaria, Germany, just above Mainz. The river flows toward cosmopolitan Frankfurt, through rolling, pastoral countryside and steep vineyards until it reaches medieval Bamberg. Expect activities on a Main river cruise to include the option […] Read more…

My Journey to Utah Beach Aboard Viking Rolf

Viking River Cruises to the Normandy Beaches My connection with this Viking River Seine river cruise itinerary, from Paris to Normandie Beaches, goes way back.  I grew up hearing my dad recall his World War II stories and his involvement with the D-Day landings at Omaha and particularly Utah beach. He loved France, especially Paris […] Read more…

New Details on CroisiEurope Rhône Culinary Cruise Revealed

CroisiEurope has announced that they will be launching a new 7-day culinary cruise on the Rhône in April 2019. The Must-See Sites on the Rhône itinerary will travel roundtrip from Lyon through the heart of France, focusing on the unmatched food and wine found throughout the region. The voyage will visit Arles, Avignon, Viviers, and […] Read more…

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