First day at sea

First full day at sea.  Apparently there are two nor’easters coming right at us.  No one is venturing outside.  The seas are pretty rough but the Constellation and Captain Manetas keep it as smooth as possible.  There is a small sitting area down on deck three, right near the cinema.  From this vantage point, you are just above the water (or so it seems) and the view is awesome.  You feel like you are flying through the ocean, waves and all in what seems like inches from the window.

My inside cabin, 7054, towards the bow
My inside stateroom 7054 towards the bow

Returning to my stateroom after breakfast, there was an envelope on my door’s mail slot.  It was an invitation to the Captain’s Table for dinner that evening, dining with the Captain, himself, not the Staff Captain, or Chief Engineer.  Here’s how the procedure unfolds:  Everyone was instructed to meet at the Martini Bar at 8:30pm, briefly get acquainted (or re-acquainted as it were) and then the Captain would join us to walk into the dining room.  As I am alone, it is the Captain who is my escort for dinner.  All twelve of us (now six couples) make our way to the grand staircase and as we approach, the string quartet begins to play a well-known classical piece as we ostentatiously descend the illuminated stairway into the first floor of the dining room.  Once seated at the Captain’s Table, the ship’s photographer, standing on the balcony above, takes our photo.  Another nice memento to bring home.

Dinner is very leisurely and doesn’t end until nearly 11pm.  The waiter recommended the rack of lamb or chateaubriand.  I chose the lamb, which was done to a perfect medium rare; a light brown gravy was gently spooned over the seasoned breadcrumb crust.  Day Two and I have not noticed any cutbacks in quality or service.

Longer cruises such as this tend to have an older clientele and by 11pm the proverbial carpet is rolled up and all is quiet. Checking out the disco revealed a very lively band with no more than five couples on the dance floor.  Most were dancing what they learned at their last Arthur Murray class, which by the way, is more than what I can do!  I love watching the over seventy-five year olds on the dance floor; they are enjoying life to the fullest.

Good night to Day Two.  Tomorrow is Boston.  With the two nor’easters we’re going through tonight, I hope we can make it into Boston Harbor at 8am.

Wool blankets on cushioned deck chairs and no one in sight.

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