Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas Price List New 2020

Years ago, and I mean years…a visit to CocoCay (when it was properly pronounced Coco”Key”) forecast a relaxing day at a peaceful beach in the Bahamas.  The only time you waited in line for anything was for a volley ball court.  For $7, you could rent a floaty mat for the day.

Perfect Day at CocoCay explained

After a mere $200 million, the island underwent a total transformation. Now, the destination is renamed, “Perfect Day at CocoCay” and according to Royal Caribbean, “Cay” now rhymes with “Day”.

Perfect Day at CocoCay rendering by Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean artist rendering of Perfect Day at CocoCay, including Up, Up and Away helium balloon.

CocoCay Transformed into a Tropical Theme Park

Like elsewhere in the world of cruising, everything’s on steroids.  Bigger ships, bigger cruise terminals to accommodate bigger ships, and now bigger private beach destinations.

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a prime example of bigger must be better.  And from the looks of what’s happening there, maybe it’s true.  But CocoCay now comes with a hefty price if you want to enjoy all the features and attractions.

Where is CocoCay Island located?

CocoCay was once named Little Stirrup Cay located in the chain of the Berry Islands.  The Berry Island Archipelago is located about 55 miles north of Nassau.  CocoCay is close to Norwegian Cruise Lines’ private island, Great Stirrup Cay.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Balloon View
View from the Up, Up and Away helium balloon ride. Artist rendering: Royal Caribbean

What’s Free at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Thankfully, not everything at CocoCay has a price tag.  There are still a lot of complimentary experiences to enjoy.  What’s billed as the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, Oasis Lagoon, doesn’t cost a dime.

There’s a kid’s water play area with a pirate shipwreck as the focus called Captain Jack’s Galleon with slides and water cannons.  Another no-cost area is Splashaway Bay water park plus sports courts on South Beach.  Also at South Beach and Chill Island, you’ll find free beach chairs and beach activities.

When your stomach starts to rumble, CocoCay offers five complimentary dining spots throughout the island.  These include Skipper’s Grill, Chill Grill and three Snack Shacks.

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Prices to Play at CocoCay

To begin, Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay price list to use the water park has changed.  Their website doesn’t list the actual costs, so I made a “booking” to access the chart below.  From what is shows, there is no longer a half-day pass.  And the prices can vary based on season.  What has stayed the same is kids under three years still have free admission.

Wristbands will be used for your entry into Thrill Waterpark. Once you have a wristband, you may enter and exit the park as often as you like.

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The admission price to Thrill Water Park gives you access to what’s being billed at the highest water slide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak, at 135-feet.  The cost also includes another 12 waterslides, Wave Pool, Adventure Pool, complimentary dining at Snack Shack, beach chairs and towels.

Beach umbrellas, spa services and water sports toys are at an additional cost. Towels and beach loungers are still free.

Coco Beach Club
Rendering of Coco Beach Club – yes, there’s a fee for this, too.

The Cost to Rent Cabanas

For shade, there are plenty of options; beach umbrellas, clamshells, and daybeds- all available for a rental charge.  Over at the beach, there are cabanas available at Thrill Waterpark, and Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool.

The overwater cabana at Coco Beach Club accommodates up to eight guests and comes with attendant service, a private hammock, a minibar, and your own personal slide into the sea.

Some cabanas come with extra perks, too. If you reserve a cabana at Thrill Waterpark, you’ll enjoy complimentary entry to all of the slides and activities inside for up to six guests. If you reserve a cabana at Coco Beach Club (including the overwater cabanas), you’ll enjoy complimentary access to the club for up to eight guests.

An overwater cabana for eight including full admission to the attractions will run as high as $1,599 during peak season.

The price of a Coco Beach Club overwater cabana also includes admission to the beach club with its complimentary restaurant, an exclusive beach, a beach clubhouse and other amenities.

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Perfect Day at CocoCay Price List – Updated for 2020

If you want to ride the 1,600 zipline or soar 450′ skyward in a tethered helium balloon, it’ll cost you.  Here’s the new Perfect Day at CocoCay price list for all the attractions and experiences.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Price List 2020
Perfect Day at CocoCay Price List – Updated January 2020.

All said, it really looks like the quiet day at CocoCay of the past, is gone.  For new cruisers or those with families and others just looking for new experiences on an old theme, this is going to be a perfect day.

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Day at CocoCay Bahamas Price List New 2020”

  • Hi Brooke,
    You brought up some very interesting and involved questions as well as the fact that quite a few people are traveling together. So that I’m not caught in the middle of this with any inaccurate information or misinterpretation, my best suggestion to you would be to ask your travel advisor for the exact details that you mentioned. If you didn’t work with a travel advisor, you should call Royal Caribbean. If the reservation person cannot clearly answer your question, then ask to speak with someone in the Shore Excursions department.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help here…but there’s quite a bit at stake and I don’t want to confuse or give out incorrect information.
    Thank you for taking the time to write and I hope you and your family have a wonderful cruise!

  • This is in regards to renting a land cabana at coco beach club. I was curious as to how pricing works. Is it per person or just for the cabana. As well it says it comes with complimentary admission to the club for up to 8 guests. My mother is the one purchasing the cabana but it doesn’t allowed her to to pick who will be in the group. If she rents the cabana and we arrive on the island do we go to coco beaches desk and check in saying how many we have (7) and then we all get access to the club? I just need clarity on how the complimentary access for up to 8 people works and how it will play out once we are on the island. Thank you.

  • Hi Lynsie,
    Thank you SO much for your email to point out this issue. After digging around on both the public and travel agent areas on their site, I cannot pull up the new price list. I’ll have to book myself with a refundable deposit to get to the planning area for the pricing. The new list is horrible as it doesn’t show prices…and that’s because (I’d guess) as the fine print says, “Subject to change based on sailing date.” I haven’t been to CocoCay with the new attractions, but I’ve heard it’s like an amusement park, not the peaceful beach retreat it used to be. Thank you again for pointing out the out-of-date chart. As soon as I can, I will change to the new one with actual prices (subject to change,lol!).

  • Unfortunately, your article is out of date. The prices have gone up a ridiculous amount! When we first booked our 2020 cruise, I saw full day passes to Thrill were $74. Not realizing that was actually a great deal at this point, I didn’t purchase them. Now, they are $132 EACH, which they call a “pre-cruise deal.” Cabanas with passes are a minimum of $1000. These prices are over the top crazy. Very disappointed in RCL for this. 🙁

  • Hi Doug,
    I contacted Royal Caribbean. The person I spoke with said none of the cabana rental categories include the Up, Up and Away or Daredevil’s Tower. Good question! Thanks for writing and have a great cruise!

  • Have rented a cabanas at Co Co Cay. Is the up up and away and daredevils tower included in cabana rental price? Thanks, Doug

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