Carnival Cheers Package: Will They Ever Change The Limit

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald recently addressed a question regarding the daily alcoholic beverage limit on the cheers package and the idea from a few followers that Carnival should increase it.

For the majority of cruisers boarding Carnival Cruise Lines, they immediately start their vacation by having a seat at their favorite onboard watering hole and grabbing a tasty tropical drink to accompany them.

The first drink of any cruise is a welcomed must have, after being herded through airport terminals, cruise terminals, or maybe even a long road trip all before you finally get to step onto the ship and start your vacation.

Carnival Cruise Lines bartender pouring a shot into a mixing glass.
Carnival Bartender mixes up a concoction at the Alchemy Bar. (Photo: Sherry Laskin)

It doesn’t stop there though, then you are required to attend your muster drill station which is the bane of many cruisers’ existence.

Maybe mix in the occasional carry-on or backpack that you decided not to check and now it has to follow you around like your cruise buddy who has already consumed their 15 alcoholic drinks for the day, until your room is ready and you can drop your luggage.

At a few other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean or Norwegian you truly can drink to your indulgences. Carnival die-hards, don’t fret. The line is not alone in the limitation on your vacation libations, Princess Cruise Lines also limits their passengers to 15 alcoholic beverages per day.

Carnival’s Cheer package doesn’t mean unlimited booze cruise

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian as mentioned above both offer drink packages that allow for you to responsibly consume as many adult beverages as your heart desires. Both cruise lines do reserve the right to cut off passengers that are visibly intoxicated, belligerent or incoherent, if your tolerance allows for it and you know how to pace yourself then you can consume as much as you would like.

Carnival’s Cheers package limits each adult who purchases it to just 15 drinks per day. Which in many guests point of view that is more than enough in a day for the average American and Carnival should not consider raising the limit. May prior guests have pointed out the increased fighting seen on Carnival ships and eluded to a further increase if Carnival were to raise the limit or make it truly unlimited like their counterparts.

Carnival guest complains about the daily limit for alcoholic beverages

A frequent achiever of the 15 drink daily limit recently took up the matter on Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador John Heald’s Facebook page.

“When will Carnival realize that for most Americans on vacation that 15 drinks in one day with Cheers is not enough! We hit it every day on a cruise without getting fall-down foolish drunk so stop treating us like children,”

He went into detail of the strategy behind tallying 15 beverages a day and still being coherent. He recalled having just sailed on Carnival Sunshine.

“1 drink at breakfast, usually a spiked coffee or Bloody Mary. Sit by the pool after breakfast and will have 4-5 more until lunchtime. Have lunch and go back to the room and change, have 2 there while changing and maybe sit on the balcony for a few mins. Already at 6 or 7 by 1 or 2 p.m. Casino for a bit and have a few more drinks More with dinner. A few at a show or watching a band and then casino again. Basically drinking from 10 a.m. to past midnight. 15 is not enough,”

He did throw Carnival a bit of an idea though.

“”Raise the price. Raise the number of drinks – should be a minimum of 20. Stop treating us like drunks. We are not. We are on vacation,”

Carnival weighs in on the Cheers drink package and its limits

John Heald gave a response and asked his followers to share their thoughts, which 2000 plus have done so far.

Heald is known for his British humor, and witty but serious comments and discussions as the Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines wrote.

“Perhaps because I am a tea tootler (spelt correctly) and do not drink I should not be commenting on this. But if I had 20 drinks in 24 hours I would either be unconscious or found standing on top of the water slide, naked, singing ‘I’m a little tea pot, here’s my handle here’s my spout,’

He was quick to point out though that the limits only apply to the alcoholic drinks onboard, not the non-alcoholic beverages.

“So I shall say only that the Cheers program contains unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and 15 alcoholic drinks in a 24-hour period. Surely that is enough for most?” Heald wrote.

Fellow Carnival cruisers had mixed thoughts on whether or not they should consider changing the 15 drink a day limit. Several people wrote in Heald’s comments their opinion on the controversial drink limit.

Should Carnival consider increasing the limit

Many Carnival passengers sounded off in the comments, making their stance on the topic known. It did seem though that many passengers were in favor of keeping the current limit of 15 in place.

“15 is more than plenty. I would honestly be concerned about people saying it should be at least 20.” posted Kevin Paul

“I guess Carnival has to decide what they want to be: the Fun drunk ship or do they want to be the Fun family ship?” added Cheryl Ucakar

However there was a small set of passengers that believe there is no need for such a limit to be put in place.

“I agree. 15 isn’t enough in most cases. I can put away 15 beers throughout the day and never even catch a buzz. Some people can’t handle 15 while others can. I say raise the limit or remove it all together and let bartenders use their judgment to cut people off.” wrote Daniel Throckmorton

“We are from Wisconsin!!! And 15 drinks are NOT enough! And we don’t get slobbering drunk either! Make it more or unlimited!” shared Debbie Prellwitz

So the question lies with Carnival, do they raise the daily limit, or leave it where it is?

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