Celebrity Cruises Cancellation Policy Changes Soon

Celebrity Cruises Cancellation policy.
Celebrity Cruises has some of the most beautiful dining rooms at sea. This is the Celebrity Equinox main dining room.

There will soon be a new cancellation policy at Celebrity Cruises. It’s been several years since the existing policy was implemented and Celebrity Cruises believes the new policy is more closely aligned with industry standards and will be easier for consumers and travel agents to remember.

Basically, the new cancellation policy goes from a previous five cancellation timeline tiers to now only three timelines. All are based on the length of the sailing. The new policy also applies to Alaska Cruisetours, holiday sailings and FutureCruises bookings that are made while onboard.

The new Celebrity Cruises cancellation policy goes into effect on April 3, 2016. Previous deposited bookings are not affected.

According to Celebrity, the cancellation penalties have been consolidated and should be less confusing. For sailings 5-nights or longer, the cancellation period has been changed from 75 days prior-to-sailing to a 90 days prior-to-sailing date. Simply put, your typical 7-night Caribbean cruise will now need to have final payment three months before your cruise. If you need to cancel your reservation and not get hit with a penalty, sailings will finalize 90 days prior with penalties beginning at 89 days prior. Cancel 89 days before departure and you’ll lose your deposit.

1-4 Nights (including holiday sailings)

  •  75+ No Charges
  • 74-57 Deposit Amount
  • 56-29 50% of total price*
  • 28-15 75% of total price*
  • 14 or Less No refund except for taxes/fees

5 Nights or longer (including holiday sailings & Cruisetours)

  • 90+ No Charges
  • 89-57 Deposit Amount
  • 56-29 50% of total price*
  • 28-15 75% of total price*
  • 14 or less No refund except for taxes/fees

Xpedition 3 Nights or longer (including holiday sailings)

  • 120+ No Charges
  • 119-89 Deposit Amount
  • 88-43 50% of total price*
  • 42-22 75% of total price*
  • 21 or less No refund except for taxes/fees

*Taxes, fees & port expenses are excluded. Previously deposited bookings are not affected.

At CruiseMaven.com, we always advise cruisers to cancel at least one or two days prior to the stated cut-off date to cancel without penalty. There’s always confusion with the date of cancellation and the penalty kick-in date. Avoid any regrets and if you must cancel, cancel before the very last day that is shown on your confirmation. Of course, if you’ve purchased travel insurance and it’s a covered reason or includes “Cancel for Any Reason”, then you should have no worries at all.

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