Viking Star Detailed Stateroom Review

One thing’s for sure; unless you reserve a suite, this Viking Star balcony stateroom review applies to the majority of staterooms. Every stateroom on this cruise ship has a balcony.

If you’re wondering what a Viking Star balcony stateroom is really like, keep reading.

Viking Cruises Viking Star Balcony Stateroom review
Looking back at the Viking Star, anchored in the Mediterranean, as we headed to port.

Viking Star Balcony Stateroom Review

The difference between upper premium and luxury cruise lines isn’t always easy to distinguish. Viking Ocean’s first ocean cruise ship, the 928 passenger Viking Star, is a case in point.

After 12 days of cruising the Mediterranean aboard Viking Star I felt as though I was aboard a stunning new luxury cruise ship. Heated bathroom floor? Yes, please. 

When Viking Cruises launched the all-veranda Viking Star in mid-2015, the ship was quickly categorized as upper premium by most cruise reviewers.

And I might slightly agree with everyone except for one major, hard-to-overlook feature:  the attention to detail throughout the ship and especially in your stateroom. You’re in Luxury Land.

Viking Star Stateroom Review of Balcony
My train arrived into Barcelona after dark – it was a welcome sight to step into my cozy balcony stateroom.
Viking Cruises Viking Star Stateroom Review
I was able to relax and munch on a piece of fruit while I waited for room service.

In no particular order, here’s why, among other reasons, Viking’s well-planned attention to detail in the staterooms pushes their cruise ships into luxury territory.

Lighted Mirror and Make-Up Vanity/Desk

Viking Star stateroom review of lighted makeup mirror and desk.
Loved this! Viking Star lighted makeup mirror and desk. What a great idea. (Note the included bottled water, too).
Viking Star vanity/desk area with the makeup mirror closed.
Viking Star vanity/desk area with the makeup mirror closed.

Heated Bathroom Floor

My bathroom, there is a matching storage shelf on the opposite side. And that's the amazing heated floor.
My bathroom, there is a matching storage shelf on the opposite side. And there’s the amazing heated floor.

It looks like an ordinary faux wood floor. But turn on the light for the bathroom, wait a few minutes and presto – cozy warmed floor. Especially welcome on cool weather itineraries.

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Bathroom Storage Space

It’s rare to find ample bathroom storage for two people, especially if two women are traveling together. Usually you end up cramming all of your stuff on one or two small shelves with no unobstructed under-cabinet option.

On this ship there is the equivalent of twin bathroom storage so no fighting about who gets to put their stuff where and on which shelves.

Discreet Night Light

Tired of leaving the bathroom light on all night or packing your own nightlight? The Viking Star has a dim, low-level night light in your room’s foyer that subtly illuminates the path to the bathroom.

You’ll find the control switch at both sides of the bed. If you want pitch darkness for sleeping, simply flick the switch as needed for any middle of the night bathroom breaks.

Nightstand Electric Outlets

Charge your phone and still have it by your bedside. Brilliant!
Charge your phone and still have it by your bedside. Brilliant!

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your phone at your bedside (think alarm clock) and have it charge at the same time? Most cruise ships have two or three 110/120 outlets near the desk area but none next to your bed.

Located at box spring level at both sides of the bed is an electric outlet. Nice, simple touch.

Extra USB Chargers

Simple solution to a decade’s old problem: How to charge multiple computer devices at the same time. If you’ve even been on a river cruise, you might be familiar with the audio device that you wear around your neck on shore excursions to hear your tour guide. The new Quiet Vox charging stands have two USB ports right on them.

Shower Space

It’s not quite a chair, but there’s a handy ledge, perfect for sitting, shaving legs and placing all of your bath products. No more having to crowd your own shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, face wash and shaving cream on the metal wire basket next to the shower bar.

Every Stateroom Has a Doorbell

Breakfast room service is one of the joys of cruising. But to hear the delivery person knock on your neighbor’s stateroom door at 7am and announce at the top of their lungs, “Room Service” can be annoying not to mention startling, especially when it’s at your door..

Usually found only on upper level suites across the cruise spectrum, every stateroom door on the Viking Star has a pleasant-sounding doorbell.

Room Service on Disembarkation Day?

Viking Star breakfast room service, even on departure day.
Viking Star breakfast room service, even on departure day.

Yes! Not only can you stay in your room until 9AM on the morning of departure, you can also order a full breakfast with room service.

Closet Has Plenty of “Real” Hangers

Yes, real hangers. Not those awkward to use kind that prevent guests from stealing hangers.
Yes, real hangers. Not those awkward-to-use hangers fixed on the rod to prevent guests from stealing them.

Real hangers. Viking Star has a closet full of wooden hangers that you can actually remove from the closet rod. Not just the wooden part with a protruding spoke, but the whole deal, wooden hanger, hook and all.

For me, luxury extends beyond fine dining, exceptional service and an extensive pillow menu (which Viking Star also offers.) It’s also the consideration to details that gives me reason to to believe that Viking Star is has raised the bar on upper-premium cruising.

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Viking, though in no way was I under any obligation to write a favorable Viking Star review or commentary. This article would have been just as positive if I had bought my own ticket. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Deepest gratitude for your clear, kind, professional, deeply informative article. so helpful.

  2. Hi Gail,
    Thank you for reading my Viking review. The Hilton Molino Stucky is right on the Grand Canal. Viking will (I’m almost positive) provide water shuttle service since you’ll be docking across the Lagoon from Venice proper. Personally, I think this is a much better location than Venice Maritima station. You’re just a ferry boat across from Venice. Not to worry. I would email Hotel Molino Stucky for directions from Piazza San Marco, as that is such a central location.
    Have a wonderful visit to Venice…one of my top favorite cities in the world. Happy travels!

  3. Hi Sherry,
    I am arriving in Venice into the Port of Fusina on Viking. I have not purchased the extension but wish to explore on my own. How do I get from the cruise ship to the Hilton Molino?

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my article and send your question. ES1 Balcony Suites are among the largest suites on the ship with enormous balconies. I looked at dozens of photos before writing back to you and I can’t figure out how such a large suite with oversize balconies can feel closed-in. However, they might vary in size a little so it would be a good idea to ask reservations (or your travel agent) what the square footage is for the suite you choose. Whichever you choose, I hope you have a fabulous cruise! Thank you again for readying my Viking Star article and sending your question. Much appreciated.

  5. Hello,

    We are sailing on the Viking star in the explorer es1. We love balconies but I have heard that the es1 balconies are closed in. Should I get a different room?

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Jo,
    Good question and I understand your uncomfortableness! I can’t sleep on big fluffy pillows, either! As far as I could find out, no…the standard staterooms do not have a pillow menu. But I would bet that you or your travel agent could submit a request for a foam pillow. Viking Ocean cruises is top-notch and I would be almost certain that your request would be met. I hope this helps a little. Thank you for taking the time to write and for reading my article.

  7. Does Viking Star offer a selection of bed pillows? I can’t sleep on those big fluffy ones.

  8. Hi Lucy,
    Absolutely there are shops onboard. The more you can bring from home, the more you’ll save. But for last-minute items or something you forgot to pack, the shop is waiting for you. Have a wonderful cruise!

  9. Hi Tony, Thank you for your kind comment. It was a deluxe veranda stateroom.


  10. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for your comment. I totally agree…bedside charging outlets are a terrific convenience. This was the first time I’ve seen that and now it seems to be the thing to include in new builds.


  11. Very informative, please let me know if the beautiful pictures that I see are what type of cabin. Thank you in advance.Tony

  12. Excellent description of cabin amenities with pics! Appreciate part about charging outlets and bathroom storage space.

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