Norwegian Cruise Line Harvest Caye in Belize Opens November 2016

Harvest Caye Belize Norwegian Cruise Line Harvest Caye cruise port set to open November 2016

Working within strict environmental regulations and a noted wildlife expert/advisor, Norwegian Cruise Line is moving full speed ahead to open its new resort-style port of call at Harvest Caye.

Harvest Caye is located off the southern coast of Belize, very close to mainland Belize. So close in fact that Norwegian Cruise Line promises easy access for guests who want to experience the lush, natural beauty of southern Belize.

Guests won’t have to wait for a tender to go ashore or back to their ship at Harvest Caye. Ships will dock at the only cruise ship pier in Belize; mainland or offshore. It’s nice to have easy access to return to your ship during a port call, especially a tropical destination, for more sunscreen, a book or just to chill out for an hour.

“Belize is one of the most ecologically and culturally rich gems in the Caribbean, and Harvest Caye will be the perfect destination for guests to experience all that the country has to offer in authentic, unique ways,” said Andy Stuart, president and chief operating officer for Norwegian Cruise Line.

What to do at Harvest Caye

Set on seven acres of white sand beach, Harvest Caye can be its own destination or a jumping off point to explore Belize with eco-adventure  and cultural tours of the country.

If you plan to make it a beach day, you’ll have plenty of options to choose. There’s an enormous 15,000 sq. ft. pool with swim-up bar featuring bar stools and lounge tables in the water. In-pool lounge chairs with umbrellas are available or guests can rent their own canopy pool cabanas complete with lounge furniture, privacy drapes and beverage service.

Cabanas at Harvest Caye Belize Norwegian Cruise LIne For a bit of island privacy, there are 11 luxury beach villas for rent that will accommodate up to 10 guests. Luxurious is the key word here as each air conditioned villa features a dedicated lounge, dining area, restrooms and showers. Concierge service is included and guests will have exclusive dining and beverage options at their disposal.

For the more adventurous, there will be a 130 foot tall lighthouse (called a “Flighthouse”) which will be the core for a selection of aerial activities that include 3,000 feet of zip lining with stops at three platforms, suspension bridges, free fall jumps, and a tandem “Superman” style zip line. A ropes course is also planned and will be located on a platform in the saltwater lagoon.

Harvest Caye marina Norwegian Cruise Line Those who want a smaller adrenaline rush can take it easier with kayaks, paddle boards and canoeing.

Dining at Harvest Caye

You won’t find a shortage of dining options here. Among the five dining and bar choices will be a two-story indoor/outdoor Landshark Bar & Grill (a Jimmy Buffet venue), street dining that features Belizean cuisine and down at the beach, guests can head over to the Laughing Bird Bar & Grill.

Over at the marina there’ll be the Manatee Marina Bar & Grill and for those who rent cabanas can have cabana delivery from the Horse-Eye Jack Bar & Grill that also services the expansive pool area.

Norwegian Cruise Line Harvest Caye Belize Explore Harvest Caye natural wonders

Belize has always been famous for its amazing ecosystem and natural beauty and Harvest Caye is no exception. The small island is rich with wildlife, mangroves and unique plants. Tours are offered for guests to observe manatees at the lagoon, visit the island’s Aviary to meet the local Scarlet Macaws and Toucans as well as stroll through the Butterfly Garden. On hand will be noted wildlife expert, author and conservationist Tony Garel who will lead many of the educational tours and answer guests’ questions.

Which Norwegian ships will visit Harvest Caye?

As of now, 5 Norwegian ships have included Harvest Caye on their itineraries: Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Jade.

Select sailings by Regent Seven Seas and Oceania Cruises, will also include port calls at Harvest Caye. More information about Harvest Caye can be found on the Norwegian web site.

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  1. Hi DeAnna, These are questions best asked to your travel agent or directly to Norwegian. There’s still time before your cruise. Thanks and have a great vacation.

  2. I am going on the Norweigan Dawn Cruise this month. Should be in Harvest Cay on 17 Nov 2016. Is it open? Should I plan to spend my time there? Is it free to go and just swim there? Also do you know if there are any pictures of the private canopy? I know its quite new but really looking forward to going! I dont know if I would want to spend $250 for the canopy and there are no pictures. The cabana is $500 and definitely out of my price budget as its just my husband and I 🙂 to bad i dont know others so we could all go in together for the price:)

  3. Hi Cheryl, I spoke with Norwegian and yes to all of your questions. I was told Harvest Caye will be open, you can use your shipboard alcohol package on their private island and yes, there is a barbecue at lunchtime. Have a wonderful cruise and thank you for your questions!

  4. Harvest Caye looks amazing. We are on the Getaway in January and have a stop here. Certainly hope it is open. We have an alcohol package. Does the alcohol package carry over to Harvest Caye. Also I realize at the restaurants there would be a charge but does Norwegian put on a barbecue. I’ve been on other ships private islands where your alcohol package carries over to the beach area and they have a barbecue at a set time Thank you.

  5. Thanks, Don! Yes, it does look to be really nice and different. Thanks for reading. Sherry

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