Cunard Reveals New Global Itineraries for 2025-2027

From iconic world voyages to tropical escapes, Cunard’s four ships will embark on over 300 extraordinary voyages and new itineraries in 2025 through 2027. Curious where these ships will go? Here’s a concise overview of what Cunard has planned for the next three years.

Cunard Unveils Its 2025-2027 Cruise Itineraries

Queen Mary 2 docked in Quebec City.
Queen Mary 2 docked in Quebec City. (Photo: Sherry Laskin)

Cunard expands its global reach with an exciting new collection of voyages from September 2025 to January 2027. Their legendary fleet – including the flagship Queen Mary 2, the newest addition aptly named Queen Anne, and the beloved Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth – will offer over 300 itineraries packed with incredible opportunities for exploration.

These new Cunard itineraries will transport guests to 184 unique destinations spanning 70 countries, with a special focus on experiencing UNESCO World Heritage sites (108 in total!). Cunard’s dedication to immersive travel is further solidified by 37 overnight port calls and 66 late-evening departures. Passengers can experience five maiden calls including Kona, Hawaii; Roatan, Honduras; Dakar, Senegal; Miami, Florida and Molde, Norway.

In January 2026, both Queen Anne and Queen Mary 2 will embark on unforgettable World Voyages, calling on iconic cultural centers like New York, Buenos Aires, Dubai, and Melbourne. Simultaneously, Queen Elizabeth will unveil a brand-new Caribbean program, featuring 33 roundtrip voyages from Miami. Guests will have ample opportunities to explore the enchanting island towns with some of the best things to do in San Juan, Montego Bay, Georgetown, Roatan, Tortola, Antigua, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

With a commitment to crafting extraordinary travel experiences, Cunard’s new voyages offer a tantalizing tapestry of global destinations, cultural encounters, and unparalleled onboard luxury. Whether you dream of circumnavigating the globe, basking in the sun-drenched splendor of the Caribbean, or tracing the fjords of Norway, their iconic fleet awaits to take you on an awe-inspiring adventure.

World Voyages of Discovery

Cunard invites you to witness maritime history firsthand in January 2026. The iconic Queen Mary 2 will make her inaugural passage through the legendary Panama Canal, an engineering marvel that forever transformed global trade and travel. This landmark moment is one of countless highlights on her World Voyage itinerary, a journey traversing continents and immersing you in the richness of diverse cultures across the world.

Queen Anne, the newest addition to the fleet, offers an equally compelling World Voyage. With her contemporary style and luxurious amenities, she promises an unforgettable odyssey. Imagine exploring bustling markets in Southeast Asia, marveling at South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes, or strolling the historic streets of European port cities.

Queen Elizabeth Takes You Island Hopping

Escape to tropical paradise with Queen Elizabeth as she sails from Miami to the heart of the Caribbean. Her itineraries showcase the best of island life – from exploring ancient Mayan ruins hidden in lush rainforests and strolling cobblestone streets in vibrant colonial towns to indulging in the sun, sea, and sand that have made these islands a beacon for travelers worldwide.

Diverse Itineraries to Fulfill Your Wanderlust

  • Queen Anne: Embrace her modern elegance and cosmopolitan spirit as you encounter the captivating allure of destinations like Phuket, Thailand’s vibrant island gem. Experience the pulse of Cape Town, where stunning natural beauty meets a thriving cultural scene. Or, set foot in Marseilles, France, and immerse yourself in its unique blend of historical charm and Provencal flair.
  • Queen Mary 2: The world’s only true ocean liner invites you on grand adventures. Savor the timeless romance of her classic Transatlantic Crossings. Explore sun-soaked Caribbean islands and the rich maritime heritage on Canada and New England cruises. The spotlight will shine brightest on her World Voyage with its iconic Panama Canal transit and unforgettable visits to Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more.
  • Queen Victoria: Embrace her timeless charm as she navigates the enchanting Mediterranean. Discover the idyllic beauty of the Greek isles, bask in the warmth of the Spanish coast, and delve into the rich tapestry of Italy’s history and culture. She’ll also offer a captivating foray into the majestic landscapes of Norway’s fjords and the unique character of the Atlantic Islands.
  • Queen Elizabeth: Depart from Miami and discover the Caribbean’s diverse tapestry of islands. But she won’t stop there; thrilling voyages from Seattle and San Francisco will showcase the rugged beauty of the West Coast, complete with an unforgettable Panama Canal transit.

Katie McAlister, President of Cunard, underscores the line’s commitment, “Our guests yearn for authentic experiences, whether it’s the sheer scale of a World Voyage, the vibrant rhythm of island life, or the rich history of the Mediterranean. Each voyage, on every ship, fulfills our unwavering commitment to luxury and creating timeless memories.”

How to Book Your Cunard 2025-2027 Cruise

Cunard World Club members gain privileged early access to booking World Voyages on March 5th, 2024, and all other new voyages on March 6th, 2024. Sales open to everyone on March 7th, 2024. Let your wanderlust guide you – visit Cunard’s website [] or reach out to your travel advisor and embark on an unforgettable journey with Cunard.

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