MSC Cruises Launches High-Tech Man Overboard Surveillance

MSC Cruises Launches High-Tech Man Overboard Technology

MSC Cruises announced the launch of a new video surveillance system security. MSC Cruises collaborated with Bosch and Hewlett Packard to develop this cutting edge technology.

The integrated surveillance system will allow the speediest intervention if a person or object falls overboard. After extensive stress-testing and continuous software upgrades, the intelligent video capturing and analysis system is now being used aboard MSC Cruises’ new MSC Meraviglia.

How it works

The new MSC Cruises system consists of a comprehensive shield of intelligent optical and thermal video cameras which provide nonstop comprehensive surveillance alongside the relevant exterior parts of the ship. All captured video images are streamed in real time to a Central Security Room where the video stream is monitored together with all other inputs from the 1,200 HD CCTV cameras on board the ship.

It took over 14 months for MSC Cruises’ Security Department and the tech folks at Bosch and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to create the man overboard video surveillance system.

First, they had to install highly resilient hardware (cameras, casing, and bases) that resists tough conditions at sea. Then, program the software in such a way it provides reliable and accurate data. To further increase the accuracy of the captured video images, they are processed and analyzed by two separate and independent image processing systems.

Through over 25,000 hours of video analysis, extensive software testing and continuous algorithmic updates, the system has now reached a confirmed accuracy level of 97%.

Eventually, similar integrated systems will be developed and deployed across MSC Cruises’ global fleet.

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