Carnival Legend Docked in Sitka Alaska

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship Photo Tour After Recent Refurbishment

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These Carnival Legend photos were taken in Sitka, Alaska, shortly after the ship emerged from an extensive refurbishment. I was living in Sitka at the time, so when the cruise ship docked there, it was the perfect opportunity to see the new upgrades and additions. 

With nearly all guests off the ship (this isn’t the Caribbean), I was able to photograph almost every public space from the ship’s top to bottom, bow to stern, without waiting for people to move out of the frame. 

Timing was perfect; this was the last cruise of the season. 

Carnival Legend Docked in Sitka Alaska
The white tent next to Carnival Legend is a really good restaurant to grab a meal, either before or after your day in Sitka.

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship Photos

Carnival Legend is the third ship built in the Carnival Spirit Class, launched in 2002. It’s now one of the smaller ships in the fleet with only 2,124 passengers.

As the ship’s name implies, Carnival Legend pays tribute to all sorts of legends, fact and fiction. You’ll find Merlin’s Casino, Golden Fleece Steakhouse, and Atlantis Lounge. There’s even a wall-size group photo of the greatest Hollywood superstar legends. 

Photo Tour: Beginning Outside at the Aft Sports Deck

Up on Deck 11 is where you’ll find the Sports Deck. The aft area of Carnival Legend is a multi-use basketball court. You can see the light blue walking/jogging track just outside the netting.

Carnival Legend Basketball Court
The basketball court can also be used for other sports activities.

Forward Sports Deck

From where I’m standing in this photo, if you look back, you can see the Sky Deck (Deck 12) and the railing near the base of Carnival’s trademarked red funnel. To reach the Sky Deck from here, you have to go down one deck, cross the Sun Deck and then up two decks to get to the Sky Deck.

Carnival Legend Putt Putt
I can’t remember when a Carnival ship didn’t have a 9-hole putt putt.

Carnival WaterWorks aft on the Sports Deck

WaterWorks water slides
There’s also the Green Thunder water slide that slightly extends over the edge of the ship.

Carnival Legend Sun Deck 

While not an official walking or jogging track, you can walk Carnival Legend’s Sun Deck all the way around. Here in Alaska, especially on a typical rainforest drizzly day, the lounge chairs were in neat rows. Sometimes in sunny and warm weather, passengers will move the chairs to their liking, making it difficult to walk the loop.

Just so you know, 3.5 laps around the entire Sun Deck is equal to one mile. 

Carnival Legend Main pool area
Looking down and aft from the Sun Deck at the forward pools on the Lido deck.

From the Sun Deck you can see across to the other side of the Lido Deck. There are another set of pools, with a sliding glass dome cover if needed.

covered pool
You can see in the pool’s reflection that the glass dome has been extended half-way out.

Golden Fleece Steakhouse

Also on the Sun Deck is Carnival’s signature Steakhouse. On Carnival Legend, it’s the Golden Fleece Steakhouse, again…another legend-based name. When I was onboard, there was construction going on so I couldn’t get inside for a photo. This pic is from Carnival.

Carnival Legend photo of the steakhouse.
Golden Fleece Steakhouse. Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

Lido Deck

Aside from the pools shown above, the Lido Deck has a lot of other venues and activities. Starting at the aft of the ship is the adults-only Serenity pool and lounge area.

A nice, quiet area that’s even nicer when it’s not raining or cold!

In the Caribbean, this is a really great space to meet friends or just hang out and relax.

Entire Serenity area was totally closed on this port day.

Not even the bar was open.

Moving forward on Lido Deck to the Buffet

As you walk towards the front of the ship from the Serenity Pool area, the first venue is the Unicorn Café. Yes, this ship is named “Legend” for a reason. 

unicorn cafe on lido deck
Lunchtime and almost no one is having lunch in here. That’s Alaska for you.

My favorite places to eat are through the next set of doors

Unfortunately, they were closed, too.

And just across on the other side of Carnival Legend

…and also closed.

Walk a little further and you’ll find…

RedFrog Rum Bar

And the BlueIguana Tequila Bar. These bars are opened when people return from their day in Sitka.

Spa Carnival

Keep walking in the same direction and you’ll eventually bump into the Spa. The Thalassotherapy Pool is rimmed by treadmills and other exercise equipment. The view from here is pretty darn good. 

A port day can be the perfect day to have the thalassotherapy pool all to yourself.

There’s a beauty salon, men’s grooming and of course spa rooms. With no one around to open a spa treatment room door, you can imagine they are just like any cruise ship spa treatment room. 

carnival legend photos of the spa area
Feel like a Hollywood legend, would be my guess, at the beauty salon.

Carnival Legend Photo Tour now has to skip down four decks. The next decks, Panorama, Verandah, Empress and Upper are all staterooms. The only exception is Camp Carnival, located all the way to the front on Upper Deck. 

Main Deck 

The Main Deck is almost all staterooms, like the four decks above it. However,  all the way at the bow (the front of the ship) is where you’ll find the Follies Main Show Lounge. 

You can enter the Follies theater from Decks 2, 3 and 4.

Atlantic Deck Photos – This Deck is Busy 

Atlantic Deck is where much of the action aboard takes place. The Enchanted Forest Indoor Promenade is adjacent to Follies.

Holmes Library

Sherlock Holmes is indeed a legend and this library bears his name. With a nod to Holmes’ British heritage, the library is a mixture of dark wood, warm colors and cozy nooks for reading.

Carnival Legend photo of Holmes Library
Fake book bindings are mixed with actual books that are kept under lock and key. Check at the desk for staffing times to borrow a book.

Wedding Chapel

Carnival Legend Photo of Wedding Chapel
The chapel is actually a multi-purpose room used for meetings and religious events as well as weddings.

Billie’s Piano Bar

For sure my favorite lounge on Carnival Legend. When I walked in, a passenger was playing Intermezzo on the beautiful grand piano. He was so good that I thought he must have been an onboard musician.

I lingered as long as I could, to listen to his playing.

Next, I took a walk along the Hollywood Boulevard Upper Promenade.

carnival legend hollywood promenade
Here’s where Hollywood meets Carnival. The old movie star photos are a lot of fun to see.

More legends. If you’re an old movies buff, here are photos of greatest of Hollywood’s star legends. This photo below was taken at Louis B. Mayer’s request to celebrate MGM’s 20th birthday. Can you name all the movie stars? 

As I continued my walk towards the aft of the ship, I passed the row of Fun Shops and Cherry on Top candy store. Finally, I reached the Odyssey Foyer Lounge that leads to the main dining room, Truffles. 

Truffles’ doors were closed so here’s a Carnival photo of the dining room.

Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

Down one more deck to the…

Promenade Deck – Deck 2

Here’s the lower level of Truffles (you can see the upper level in the photo). As I walked towards the front of Carnival Legend, on one side of the ship is Medusa’s Lair Dance Club.

Medusa’s Lair is a two-story dance club. This is the upper level. 

Alchemy Bar is on the other side. This place is always packed, especially on sea days. 

carnival legend alchemy bar

Carnival Legend Lobby

Smack in the middle of the ship on Deck 2 is the soaring Lobby. Sometimes called an Atrium, this is also the deck where on most occasions, especially Embarkation Day, passengers enter the ship. 

The bank of glass elevators is on the right. Definitely worth a ride up and down. 

Bonsai Sushi

Another “for fee” eatery, Bonsai Sushi is worth every penny.

As I kept walking towards the front of the ship, I knew the casino had to show up eventually.

Club Merlin Casino

Last but not least…two usually very crowded bars.

Dreamteam Sports Bar

Carnival Legend photo Dreamteam Sports Bar
Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

RedFrog Pub – Carnival’s signature watering hole. Live entertainment, too. 

Carnival Legend Photo Redfrog Pub
Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

Smaller, but certainly not lacking any typical Carnival amenities, Carnival Legend is one of my favorite ships in this cruise line. Especially if you choose one of Carnival Legend’s more unique itineraries.

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Carnival Legend Photos after Refurbishment

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