Carnival CHEERS! All-Inclusive Beverage Program Explained

Carnival CHEERS all-inclusive beverage program
A bartender at a Carnival Alchemy bar mixes up a passenger’s cocktail concoction.

What’s CHEERS?

Carnival CHEERS! all-inclusive beverage program is available for guests over 21 years who prefer to pay a flat daily rate for unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  That said, when I take a closer look at not only the rates but also the detailed restrictions and inclusions, there needs to be a bit of explaining as to how this works.

To begin with, no sharing is allowed.  If a stateroom is occupied by two adults and only one person wants the all-inclusive beverage program, it isn’t possible.  Basically, if you want the package but your stateroom-mate doesn’t, that won’t work.  When one wants the CHEERS! beverage program, both occupants must purchase their own.  That’s one way for Carnival to avoid a sharing issue.  But it’s not all about alcohol. Included in the program package are a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, too.

How much is the all-inclusive beverage package

  • If you purchase CHEERS! before your cruise begins, the cost is $51.95 USD per person, per day plus 15% gratuity. You can purchase CHEERS! online up to 10:00pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure or you or your travel agent can contact ‘The Fun Shops’ Department at 800 522-7648, Monday through Sunday, 8:00am-10:00pm ET.
  • If you wait until you’re onboard, the cost for a CHEERS! purchase can be completed at a bar location.  The cost increases to $56.95 USD per person, per day plus 15% gratuity.
  • Carnival cannot process the Carnival Gift Card for Fun Shop orders by telephone. You may purchase CHEERS! with a Carnival Gift Card online at the same place,
  • If there are any price adjustments (up or down) in effect on the day of sailing, the new fees will replace any previously advertised price.

Beverages available with your CHEERS! beverage program

  • All spirits, including cocktails, cognacs, whiskies and other spirits, as well as beer (including self-serve beer stations) and wine and champagne by the glass, with a $20 USD or lower menu price per serving
  • Sodas (including specialty sodas), Zero-Proof frozen cocktails (including smoothies) and juices
  • Specialty coffees and hot tea served in the main dining rooms, specialty restaurants and coffee bars
  • Milkshakes, where applicable
  • RockStar energy drinks, Powerade, Vitamin Water, Coconut Water and Honest Tea
  • 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages served in bars and lounges
  • Large format (1 liter and 1.5-liter) bottles of water in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for any spirit, cocktail or wine by the glass, costing above $20 USD per serving
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for wine and champagne by the bottle
  • 25 percent discount off beverage seminars and classes

What you can’t do with CHEERS!

  • If cruising from Texas or New York home ports, you can’t purchase CHEERS! or activate your pre-cruise purchase, until the second day of your cruise, beginning at 6:00am, due to state laws.
  • CHEERS! is not available on 2-day cruises
  • Charter cruises do not include a CHEERS! purchase option
  • Ships sailing from Australia including Carnival Legend, Carnival Spirit and Carnival Splendor.
  • Beverage purchases made ashore at Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays in The Bahamas are not included.

Beverages excluded from the beverage program include

  • Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses
  • Bottles of liquor
  • Beverages offered at the gangway
  • Beverages offered through room service, mini bars and/or other in-stateroom beverage programs
  • Sharing cocktails, floaters, pitchers, tubes and buckets
  • Beverages offered through enomatic wine machines (self-serve wine machines where you insert your Sail & Sign card)
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice served in the Havana Bar

Further restrictions not mentioned above, according to Carnival’s website

  • Guests must be 21 years or older to purchase and agree not to give to minors.
  • CHEERS! is non-transferable. To partake in this program, guests must purchase CHEERS! and a sticker will be placed on their Sail & Sign card. Sharing is not permitted.
  • Guests must purchase the program for the entire cruise – this program is not offered on a per day basis.
  • CHEERS! is non-refundable; if the program is purchased prior to the cruise, it is refundable up to 10:00pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure.
  • Only one drink at a time may be ordered. Sharing is not permitted. Ordering a double shot would be considered ordering two drinks, therefore, you cannot order a double shot.
  • There is a 5 minute wait time between ordering drinks.
  • Guests may purchase a round of drinks for themselves and friends but only yours (the CHEERS! program holder) will be included.
  • Program allows for up to 15 alcoholic drinks per 24 hour period (6:00am-6:00am).
  • All bottles and cans will be served opened.
  • Carnival reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • Applicable state and local taxes will be charged to the guest folio when this program is used within US waters as in sailaway.

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How it works to pre-purchase Carnival CHEERS!

  • If you purchase CHEERS! before the cruise begins (by 10PM ET the night before), your program account will be activated upon boarding the ship (except for ships sailing from Texas and New York). You’ll receive a note in your stateroom advising you to go the bar to receive your sticker which is then placed on your Sail & Sign card.
  • If you don’t go directly to your stateroom, once your Sail & Sign card is swiped for a purchase,  it is flagged and the bartender will provide the sticker.
  • On embarkation day, the message card in your stateroom will read: “Please bring your Sail & Sign card to the Casino Bar to activate this program”.  Once you go to the Casino Bar, a sticker will be placed on your card to use the CHEERS! program.
  • If you have a Group Booking with a minimum of 30 adults, anyone can purchase CHEERS! prior to the cruise by contacting Group Event Planning.  But all adult guests in the group must purchase the program.  All minors in the group must purchase the non-alcoholic Bottomless Bubbles program

Carnival CHEERS! beverage program prices by voyage length

Cruise Duration Pre – Purchase Price
 USD Per Day
On Board Purchase Price
 USD Per Day
Price Including 15% Gratuity Price Including 15% Gratuity
3 day $179.23 $196.48
4 day $238.97 $261.97
5 day $298.71 $327.46
6 day $358.46 $392.96
7 day $418.20 $458.45
8 day $477.94 $523.94
9 day $537.68 $589.43
10 day $597.43 $654.93
11 day $657.17 $720.42
12 day $716.91 $785.91
13 day $776.65 $851.40
14 day $836.40 $916.90
15 day $896.14 $982.39
16 day $955.88 $1047.88
17 day $1015.62 $1113.37

For an idea of beverages prices for individual drinks, click here.

That’s it!  If on your past cruises, you’ve spent more than the equivalent of the daily cost, then it makes sense to purchase the Carnival CHEERS! all-inclusive beverage program.  On a typical day, it’s fairly easy to have 2-3 cocktails or wine or beer, a couple of specialty coffees and a liter or two of water.  The cost can easily reach the pre-cruise purchase price of $51.95.  I’ve never tried it, but after putting this post together, I’d try it out on a 3- or 4-night cruise from Florida and see how it goes.



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