Air Quart by Flanabags Review

What is Air Quart by Flanabags?

My new Air Quart Flanabag.
My new Air Quart Flanabag.

Pack for the TSA or simply convenience en route.

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When Linda Flanagan, creator of Flanabags and the Air Quart Travel Bag,  asked if I’d like to review the Air Quart Travel Bag, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even though I don’t ever go through TSA checkpoints (haven’t flown in 22 years), the bags looked like they’d be a great alternative to my usual ziplock bags. I was right.

You can see in the photo that I was able to pack all of my Obagi skincare bottles into one Air Quart bag and still have room for my glasses and contact lens case. When I’m on an overnight train, this will be really easy to put into my small overnight bag that goes with me into my sleeper.

The handle on the Air Quart can be hung over a hook, too. When the zipped top is open and hung up, the bag keeps the products level and is almost weightless itself. Okay…so far so good.

I asked Linda about keeping it clean. Simply wipe off the outside of the bag with a soapy cloth and rinse. If mascara gets schmeared on the inside, she said that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will clean it up.

As of this review, there are five styles of Flanabags. There’s one bag with three small sections called the Jewelry Pocket. Aside from its obvious use to keep jewelry from getting tangled, I think it would be perfect in my computer carry-on bag to keep my earphones, iPhone charger cord and electric adapters, especially on trains in Europe. There are times when I have to transfer onto three trains in one day (ugh!) and it’s a pain to put away just those three needed items only to have to dig them out again. Plus, the Jewelry Pocket is see-through and the three sections fold up accordion-style to only 4.5″ square.

Bottom line:  The Air Quart Travel Bag is TSA Compliant and simply makes it easier to find your stuff and keep organized. Easy to fit into a carry-on or backpack, too. The zipper-top completely closes, unlike some plastic travel cases that have a gaping opening on each side of the zipper. The bottom expands and allows the bag to stand up on a bathroom countertop.

While I’ll still throw my hair brushes and leak-able stuff into ziplock bags, I will definitely keep my skincare products together in the Air Quart. I’m going to order the Jewelry Pocket, too.

I was given a complimentary Air Quart Travel Bag to review. However, I am never under any obligation to write a favorable recommendation. Opinions are and will always be my own.

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