Finally! Affordable Internet on a Cruise. Thanks MSC Cruises!

MSC Cruises offers new affordable internet packages aboard the MSC DivinaMSC Cruises adds new low cost packages and fast connectivity for internet on a cruise.

There’s a trend taking place and MSC Cruises knows it.  Passengers are tired of getting gouged with exorbitant prices  to access internet on a cruise.  And even then, it has been unreliable or painfully slow.  Who hasn’t watched in frustration as the timer ticked away while waiting for a basic web page or email to load?

Cruise lines and the satellite providers knew that it was important for cruisers to stay connected while at sea.  Whether for work, social networking or simply to find what to do ashore or sports scores, cruise ship guests needed their internet.  It still isn’t unusual to find a price of $199 for 450 (unreliable) minutes.

A new player to onboard internet, Marlink, has been a provider of communications to remote areas around the world for a long time.  Now, MSC Cruises and Marlink have created a way for guests to connect at high-band width no matter where they are sailing.

Guests can select their internet packages based on their personal needs and amount of devices used.

New internet packages to choose

  • Social Package: for guests who want to connect to social media, post photos and stay in touch with friends and family.  This package gives guests 24/7 access to social networks on one device. Price:  $4.50/day or $16.50 for a 7-night cruise.
  •  Surfer Package: good for those who want a little more access for social, access to web news and sports reports and check email.  One device only. Price: $11/day or $33 for a 7-night cruise.
  • Streamer Package: offers full internet access without limitations and at the fastest speeds.  Just like back home, guests have full access to web sites, social media plus audio and video streaming.  Good for up to four devices.  Price: $22/day or $66 for a 7-night cruise.

Passengers can book their internet packages before their cruise or while onboard. Packages can be upgraded or recharged during the cruise if more time and accessibility is needed.

This new internet program is currently available on the MSC Divina in the Caribbean and the MSC Preziosa in the Mediterranean.  MSC Cruises will roll out the new internet service to the entire fleet in the next few months.

Finally! Low-cost AND high-speed internet connection options at sea.

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4 thoughts on “Finally! Affordable Internet on a Cruise. Thanks MSC Cruises!”

  • MSC should be pressuring other lines on many pre-cruise packages. Internet 10gb for $149, Bottle of wine in cabin $22, 40 pieces of laundry, $50. Photo pack, 10 for $90. Now need to sell sim cards on board that they know work to make more fans

  • speed is okay but it’s restricted way beyond videostreaming websites and the funny part is: They do not mention it and do not refund because it’s prepaid. Terrible if you really need that what is restricted it’s their policy… buy unlimited drinking pakkage or whatever, go to bar, find only few beers on the card you like: order one and after that everything is not available, hilarious

  • Hi Jonathon, You’re so with better, faster and less expensive internet…it’ll be tough to go off-grid!

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