Outside of my AirBnB Vacation Rental in Amsterdam
The street outside my apartment. You could walk everywhere.

Air BnB vacation rental gets a second chance.

Hit or miss. That’s what I’m learning about an Air BnB vacation rental. Despite my hesitation, I was back online to see what was available in Amsterdam. I had four days between river cruises and I really wanted to find out why Amsterdam is so popular, besides the obvious coffee shops and Red Light district.  Air BnB vacation rentals would get another shot and I’d get to live in a canal neighborhood apartment.

Air BnB vacation rental in Amsterdam
Those were my three windows above the shop. A bicycle tour company was next door.

I found a truly spacious studio in the perfect location. An in-town host, Ankie was there when I arrived and she helped me up the steps with my luggage. If she had not been there, I don’t know how I would have gotten my small but heavy suitcases up the narrow Dutch staircase. Apparently, the Dutch were conscientious about space-saving and constructed narrow, steep stairways to save valuable living space.

Air BnB vacation rental in Amsterdam
Typical Dutch stairway – I’m standing at the top looking down to my red suitcase.  Stairways 400 years ago were built as narrow and steep as possible so that precious living space wasn’t used up on a staircase.

Ankie was completely accurate with her photos and description of her spacious studio. In the middle of the room was a gleaming black grand piano available for use until a good-neighborly 10pm. Beautiful old hardwood floors covered with weathered Persian rugs set the tone for a welcome stay.

Air BnB vacation rental Amsterdam
A beautiful grand piano graced the spacious studio. Playing hours were 8am – 10pm.

For her guests, Ankie created a small hand-made “brochure” of house rules, instructions and helpful advice for neighborhood conveniences and places of interest.

Air BnB vacation rental Amsterdam
A full-size washing machine was most appreciated. Soap was provided.
Ankie's kitchen was stocked to the gills and there for guests to use.
Ankie’s kitchen was stocked to the gills and there for guests to use.

She familiarized me with the washing machine, showed me which refrigerator was mine and which was hers. And there on the dining table was a bottle of red wine, with two glasses. In case I didn’t like red, there was a bottle of white wine chilled in my refrigerator plus a new package of Dutch cheese. So nice.

Air BnB vacation rental in Amsterdam
This studio was beyond perfect. Lots of light, quiet neighbors and neighborhood, great kitchen, wifi and TV.

It was a blissful 4 days at Ankie’s canal neighborhood apartment. When it was time for her to come back to get her keys, she brought her grandson to carry my luggage downstairs. She even stayed with me outside the front door while I waited for the taxi (which she ordered for me) to arrive.

Air BnB vacation rental in Amsterdam
This is the view facing the back of the studio. There was even a small balcony overlooking a garden.

Conclusion: Ankie was professional, accurate and brimming with hospitality in every aspect of this rental. Would I return? Absolutely. Ankie’s vacation rental was perfect.

Here’s my advice on what to know if you decide to try an Air BnB Vacation Rental.


5 Comments on My Second Air BnB Vacation Rental, this Time in Amsterdam

  1. Hi Kenan, She did reply and said that she sold her apartment and moved to the countryside. Very disappointing for sure! Good luck! Sherry

  2. Oh, that’s unfortunate. It seems very hard to find places with pianos on airbnb or any other website because most of them don’t even list it as an amenity.
    Thank you for letting me know, and I hope she replies saying she will have the apartment open again soon!

  3. Hi Kenan,
    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I think that she was unable to continue to rent out her fabulous apartment as of summer, due to condo association rules (there were only 4 units in the building!) The owner’s name is Ankie – I just tried to find the apartment and it isn’t there. She has another one but it’s out in the country, sans piano. I’ve just written to her and if she gets back to me with good news, I’ll let you know. It was a great apartment and the piano was amazing.


  4. Can you show me the link for this apartment?
    I’m a classical pianist and would love to vacation with a grand piano in my room.

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