Top 12 Cruise Activities People Do Without Any Guilt

Croisi Europe Guest Talent night is one of many cruise activities
Aboard Croisi Europe Seine Princess, cruise guests willingly participate with the cruise manager

We’re all guilty of at least one silly, fun, regretful or obnoxious cruise activity.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth cruise, chances are you have experienced either yourself or someone else doing at least one of these interesting and possibly irksome cruise activities. Which of these items seem hauntingly familiar?

  1. Unable to resist dancing with arm gestures every time the YMCA song is played. (Got that “C” right, yet?)
  2. Still trying to smuggle booze on board and expect not to get caught.
  3. Being the last one back to the ship after a day ashore and running at breakneck speed down the pier while fellow passengers cheer from the railings.
  4. Rekindling love…on the balcony.
  5. Despite copious signs in the photo gallery that read, “No cameras allowed” you still snap a photo of your formal night photo so you don’t have to buy one for $24.95.
  6. Indulging with double or triple helpings of lobster on Gala Night…with extra melted butter, too.
  7. Having one too many Guy Fieri Burgers on your Carnival cruise. Like Lay’s potato chips, no one can eat just one.
  8. Discussing how much you paid for your cruise with your new dinner table-mates.
  9. Talking just loud enough while in line or a crowded elevator so people can hear about how many cruises you’ve taken.
  10. Standing in line at the purser’s desk on the last night of the cruise to have your gratuities removed from your bill.
  11. Waving your hand wildly when the cruise director asks for volunteers to participate on stage and be humorously humiliated.

AND the #12 cruise  activity…

A feeling of remorse as you head home for not buying a future cruise while you were still on your cruise. Had you done so, you may have received a reduced deposit, future onboard credits and maybe even an onboard credit for your current cruise. After all, you will be going on another cruise at some point in time, right?


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