Testing the Go Caddy Tote and Product Review

Go Caddy
Testing out the Go Caddy…

Go Caddy, a new compact shoulder tote and water-bottle carrier.

When I was asked if I’d review this product, I said, “sure!” Seems like I’m always carrying around a 1 or 1.5 liter water bottle so I was curious to see this new tote.

Yesterday, I decided to visit some nearby friends and I always bring along my own water. Now I’d have something to carry the water bottle and a few things from my purse.

Turns out the Go Caddy is a neat little accessory. There are two main pockets; one is elasticized on one side and the other is a Velcro-closing expanding pocket. Inside the Velcro pocket is an interior pocket, perfect to hold a passport or other ID.

The pouch-type pocket on the back could hold your mobile phone, a small pack of tissues, small travel book, comb and probably a little more. It’s very roomy.

There’s also a carabiner attached to add your key ring or whatever you want to clip on the outside. According to the information that accompanied the Go Caddy, the tote itself is microfiber with a strong nylon pouch.

Go Caddy

An adjustable 54″ nylon-webbed strap seems very sturdy. A 1.5 liter water bottle can get pretty heavy when you first pack it and start out on your adventure. For me, I was more comfortable wearing the Go Caddy cross-body style. I’d also like to see a soft shoulder pad, either already on it or to Velcro it on if needed. That’s my only suggestion.

Would I pack this for my next cruise or travel getaway. Yes, I would. I can see myself using it a lot in Europe, when touring around ruins and places that for some reason just make you thirsty. It’s nice to walk “hands-free,” too.

A really good use for this product that I didn’t see in the advertising is for dog-walking, especially here in the hot Florida weather. It’s perfect to carry a smaller-size (not as heavy) bottle of water (there’s a cooler sleeve included) with room in the pouch for stowing folded doggy poo bags. A small, collapsible dog bowl will also fit in either the pouch or some bowls have a ring that you could clip onto the carabiner. Dog owners will love it.

The Go Caddy retails for $19.99 and is available online or at luggage and department stores.

For more info, visit Go Caddy.

In full disclosure, I received a complimentary Go Caddy for the purpose of this review.

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