10 Reasons Why I like AmaWaterways

Why AmaWaterways? Because there are river cruises…and then there are river cruises. Just like Caribbean cruises, there are set ports of call that all the river cruise lines visit.  So with all the same ports to visit along all the same rivers of Europe, what makes AmaWaterways stand out from the others?  Here are my ten reasons why I like AmaWaterways.

Bottled water on AmaWaterways AmaLegro10.  Complimentary bottled water
What I’ve learned after spending more than two months on various river cruise lines is that each line has their own version of “bottled water.”  AmaWaterways actually replenishes your cabin every morning with a name-brand bottled water. One cruise line which shall remain unmentioned bottled their own water into glass carafes which they sealed with tape.  At the beginning of the cruise you were given two name-brand bottles of water and told to refill those for the duration of the cruise. Yuk. AmaWaterways wins in the bottled water category, for sure.

Anna and Misha at the bar aboard AmaWaterways AmaLegro9.   The waitstaff doesn’t run away with the wine (or beer) when you’re still eating the last of your dinner.
Like all the river cruise lines in Europe, house wine is complimentary with dinner. The difference is that on some of the other cruise lines, the wine stops being poured even before the dinner plates are cleared.  Not so with AmaWaterways.  The waiters can’t seem to be more generous, always refilling or topping off your glass before you need to ask. That’s the way it should be, in my opinion.  Did I mention complimentary champagne every morning with breakfast?

Night walking tour in Germany on the Mosel River8.   Evening city tours – walking to wineries after dinner and after-dinner concerts ashore.
AmaWaterways was one of the first river cruise lines to offer evening walking tours in Europe. They’ve chosen some great wineries to visit that are only a short walking distance from the dock.  Most if not all of the river cruises along the Danube include an optional Mozart concert in Vienna. The difference is in the auditorium or theatre that is used. The venue that AmaWaterways uses isn’t too far from the dock, has excellent acoustics and comfortable seating. There is an up-charge for this optional tour but it’s a MUST-SEE experience.

AmaWaterways has its own motor coach in Vienna Austria7.   AmaWaterways has their own motor coaches in some cities with qualified drivers.  Not lunatic drivers that race down two-lane  backroads.
This is a safety issue first, comfort second. I’ve been on several shore excursions with other river cruise companies. On one particular trip as we headed back to the boat, the coach driver played chicken with an oncoming local bus on a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere. He probably did not have a job the next day. The interiors of the coaches can vary as much as the skills of the driver, too.  AmaWaterways owns coaches (not all, but some of them) which helps ensure consistency and safety for all.

Cambodia Orphanage in the province of Siem Reap6.   AmaWaterways pays it forward. In other words, they give back.
AmaWaterways opened the ODA Free Village English School in the province of Siem Reap, Cambodia in association with ODA – the Orphans and Disabled Arts Association. Through financial support to the school, AmaWaterways sponsorship brings English-language skills to local children of grammar-school age to help improve their lives and assist with subsequent employment opportunities.

Bicycling along the Mosel on an AmaWaterways cruise5.  Complimentary bicycles to use in every port.
Unlike ocean cruises that may dock in industrial areas in Europe, a river ship docks right in the heart of the city, town or even village.  When you consider that most Europeans ride bikes everywhere, it’s no surprise that there are wide paved bike paths throughout every port of call.  While the other major river cruise lines are eliminating their onboard bikes or charging a fee to rent them ashore, AmaWaterways for maintains a fleet of bikes on every European vessel.  In addition, AmaWaterways offers complimentary guided bicycle tours in at least one or two ports on every seven-night itinerary along the Mosel, Rhine, Main, Danube and Rhône rivers.

Reichsburg Castle Cochem Germany4.   If you stay on board for a back-to-back, the itinerary will differ slightly on the return trip.
One of the great joys of cruising, whether river or ocean, is to stay on board for two or more consecutive cruises, called a back-to-back. On most river cruises, the itineraries back and forth along the river don’t vary; you’ll stop at the same cities on the way back as you did on the way there.  Not so on AmaWaterways. On a recent Mosel, Rhine and Danube river cruise, when I was onboard for two weeks south and two weeks north, new cities and town were added to the itinerary in the northerly direction.  It was exciting to know that there were still new small towns to visit that I didn’t see on the way down.

Valerie May performing on AmaWaterways3.   They bring on excellent local entertainment from shore side.
One of the most memorable moments on a river cruise occurs in the evening. Again, this isn’t a new concept, but one that AmaWaterways has done to perfection.  River cruise lines employ local entertainment to come onboard for the evening’s show either while still docked or even while underway.  On a moving ship? Entertainers will board the ship at various locks along the route, with their driver dropping them off at one lock and picking up the performers further down the river at another lock.  And there are plenty of locks.  One particularly excellent singer/performer is Valerie May.  She sings and entertains to a variety of familiar songs from around the world.  Valerie even gets the audience to sing along to the Song of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi.”  A not-to-be-missed performer.

Dining on AmaWaterways2.   Food allergies? Avoiding sodium? Vegetarian?  The Dining Room Manager will see to accommodating your dietary needs or preferences.
So many people have food issues these days. Maybe it’s medical or by choice, but every cruise ship galley has learned to accommodate these needs.  What differentiates AmaWaterways is the ease and efficiency with which these requests are handled.  I prefer a low- or no-sodium diet.  Paulo, the restaurant manager on the AmaLegro, remembered my request from the first through the twenty-seventh day of my cruise.

But the number-one reason that I love AmaWaterways is:
Rudi Schreiner Kristin Karst and Jimmy Murphy at AmaWaterways1.    It’s a family-owned company.  Two families, actually.
AmaWaterways was started in 2002 by Rudi Schreiner, Kristin Karst and Jimmy Murphy. Rudi left the helm at Viking River Cruises and together with Jimmy Murphy, the founder of Brendan Tours and Kristin, a cruise line executive, launched what was then called Amadeus Waterways.  Several years and a name change later, the Schreiner-Karst family and the Murphy family (Jimmy passed away in 2014 and son Gary is now with AmaWaterways) are still going strong, with fifteen custom designed ships in Europe, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa.  And you just never know when you might run into Rudi, Kristin or Gary onboard an AmaWaterways ship. They’re always doing spot checks to make sure that their luxury river cruise line remains at the forefront of river cruise companies.

Waving goodbye from AmaWaterways AmaLegro

Photo credit: Sherry Kennedy; faculty.adams.edu (Valerie May photo), AmaWaterways (“family” photo)

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  • Dear Marc,

    Thank you for your kind email. Yes, you may go ahead with your plan to include my AmaWaterways review in your report. Best of luck to you with your final exams.

    Sherry Laskin

  • Good Day! Ms. Sherry Laskin,

    I’m Marc student here in the Philippines taking up BSHRM (Bachelor Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Management) i would like to have a permission to include this review about Amawaterways , I’ll be using this in my report at school it will help me a lot in my grade in finals. don’t worry ma’am i will include this website in my preference, and i will a send a copy of my report to your email. I wish you could response, Thank you 🙂

    [email protected]

  • Hi Tom,
    Thanks for reading my blog. I’ve tried both of your bike tours that are on your Budapest to Prague itinerary. The Durnstein bike ride is a little bit longer that the Walhalla bike tour. I’m in the same age range (maybe a wee bit older!) and I bike ride at home usually 20-40 miles/week – not setting any land speed records. I found the biking itself very easy…flat paths, no inclines. Pretty much follows the river. There will most likely be people older than you and your wife that sign up for the bike tours, as well as the few younger people on your cruise.

    I think it gets a 5 rating (yes, it “scared” me a bit at first) just because it’s not an easy walking tour. Worst case scenario, you and your wife can be the caboose (like I was) and the Lance Armstrongs in the group can zoom on ahead. This is only my opinion, though. Also, check with your Cruise Manager about his or her opinion of the degree of exertion required on a particular bike tour. I would do both again without hesitation…knowing that there will probably be some Tour de France wanna-bees in the group and not let it bother me. The hardest part about the bike ride to Walhalla is Walhalla. It’s incredible to actually walk up the 100+ steps to get into the building. (There are no handrails going up). But it’s so worth it once you’re inside this amazingly eerie monument. And it’s only about 7 miles each way..on flat terrain.

    The Durnstein ride is longer and follows the river…very scenic. Melk Abbey is pretty spectacular, if only for some awesome photo ops. You can walk from the ship to the Abbey in about 15-20 minutes.

    I hope this information is helpful. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being the caboose. Enjoy the scenery, take a few quick photos and pedal along at your own speed. Have a wonderful cruise!

    PS…Drop me a note when you return. I’d love to hear how you and your wife did on the bike tours!

  • Thanks for the great website. My wife and I are taking our first AmaWaterways cruise this month — Budapest to Prague. The travel documentation shows limited edition bike tours in 3 or 4 cities, which really interests us. But the brochure lists the “degree of difficulty” as 5 (on a scale from 1 to 5). We’re 54 in good-to-average health. But the “5” scares us. Are there very steep hills that require Olympian strength to climb? Can you offer advice on this? Thanks! Tom Craig

  • Hi Skip,

    Thanks for your comment and the clarification. I think it would be difficult to impossible for any cruise ship to completely guarantee no cross-contamination without a totally dedicated gluten-free galley. Thanks again.


    Sherry/Cruise Maven

  • Thanks for the post Sherry – however I don’t believe #2 is accurate any more. We were booked on a Danube cruise in October based on what they had told us. But here is an email we just received when she was confirming their ability to handle the gluten allergy.

    “Thank you for contacting AmaWaterways.

    Because of possibilities of potential cross-contamination, we are only able to accommodate requests for gluten-free meals for those who do not have severe allergic reactions to gluten and for those who are not suffering from Celiac’s disease.


  • Hi Donna,
    Thanks for reading the post. You’ll have a great time-which ship are you going on? Yes, champagne at breakfast…a little known fact, lol.


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