Another Cruise Line Bans Smoking on Balconies

No more smoking on balconies beginning 2017, even on suite balconies.

Holland America joins the roster of cruise lines to ban smoking on balconies.

Has this happened to you? You’re relaxing on your balcony, gazing out at the sea, slowly breathing the soul-cleansing salt air and…gasp! Your next-door neighbor decides to forego the short walk to the designated cigar lounge and instead lights up on his balcony. Well, no more on Holland America.

As of 2017, Holland America joins the ranks of major cruise lines to prohibit smoking on their stateroom verandahs.

As stated in their press release: No smoking of any kind will be permitted on any stateroom verandah. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes is already not permitted in any stateroom.

The new policy has been announced to better align with guest wishes and health concerns.

The new smoking policy takes effect on all ships on the following dates (as well as any combination cruise spanning these dates):

SHIP                                                   NEW SMOKING POLICY BEGINS
ms Maasdam                                      January 2, 2017
ms Rotterdam                                   January 2, 2017
ms Volendam                                     January 3, 2017
ms Noordam                                      January 4, 2017
ms Veendam                                      January 4, 2017
ms Zuiderdam                                  January 4, 2017
ms Nieuw Amsterdam                 January 6, 2017
ms Eurodam                                      January 7, 2017
ms Westerdam                                January 7, 2017
ms Koningsdam                              January 8, 2017
ms Zaandam                                     January 10, 2017
ms Oosterdam                                January 13, 2017
ms Amsterdam                                April 26, 2017
ms Prinsendam                               May 6, 2017

For guests who need to smoke, designated smoking areas for all ships are as follows unless otherwise indicated:

Tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars and pipes:

Permitted Outdoors

Sea View (Retreat) Bar/Pool on starboard side. On ms Prinsendam, ms Koningsdam and ms Nieuw Statendam, smoking allowed on the port side. Smoking is never on both sides.

Sun Bar on ms Koningsdam and ms Nieuw Statendam.

Sports Deck forward and aft of Crow’s Nest on starboard side on ms Maasdam, ms Veendam, ms Volendam, ms Zaandam, ms Rotterdam and ms Amsterdam, aft of Crow’s Nest starboard side.

Permitted Indoors

Oak Room on ms Noordam only. Designated areas for active slot players in Casinos. On ms Oosterdam and ms Eurodam casinos are completely non-smoking, however.

Not Permitted:

Inside all staterooms/suites.
On any stateroom/suite verandahs.

E-cigarettes and Vaping devices:


Inside all staterooms/suites.
Designated smoking areas listed above.

Not Permitted:

On any stateroom/suite verandahs.
Other public areas.

Any guest who smokes inside staterooms or verandahs in violation of our policy will be charged a US$250 cleaning fee per day of violation and will risk being removed from the ship for repeated violations.

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