Princess Cruises offers four ‘Art Connoisseur’ voyages in 2012

Princess Cruises is showcasing some of today’s top contemporary artists and lecturers in a series of special Art Connoisseur Cruises designed for both avid collectors and art newcomers.

Visit Quebec City aboard the Emerald Princess on the October Art Connoisseur cruise A wide range of internationally acclaimed artists will join the ship during these cruises, including names such as bas relief sculptor Bill Mack, Russian American contemporary artist Viktor Shvaiko, and colorful French American painter Duaiv. The voyages offer a variety of events with the artists, such as meet-and-greet sessions, demonstrations, art classes, special art unveilings and interviews where passengers can ask questions. Some artists, including pop fusion painter Eric Waugh even entertain crowds with live painting sessions set to music.

Other famous names onboard will include “rock star of the art world” Michael Godard, painter Alexandre Renoir, great grandson of the famed French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Christine Argillet, daughter of Salvador Dali’s publisher who will offer her personal stories and insight into of one of the 20th century’s most unique artists.

Art Connoisseur Cruises are part of Princess’ Fine Arts program, offering passengers the opportunity to see and learn about some of the most notable artwork produced throughout the past century. Each ship features works from collectable artists for sale that are the centerpieces of art auctions held during each cruise.

“These connoisseur cruises give art lovers the opportunity to learn more about the works and artists they admire, or discover new artists,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. “Plus, it’s something our passengers might not be able to experience at home, so it’s an interesting enrichment option during their vacation.”

Princess’ upcoming Art Connoisseur cruises include:

July 17
Ruby Princess — 12 days Grand Mediterranean
Fabian Perez, Chris DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton

July 20
Caribbean Princess — 12-day Iceland
Michael Godard, Bill Mack, Viktor Shvaiko, Adam Scott Rote

August 25
Caribbean Princess — 14-day Iceland, Greenland & British Isles Explorer
Bill Mack, Chris DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton, Duaiv, Nim Vaswani (art lecturer/historian on Picasso), Christine Argillet (art lecturer/historian on Salvador Dali)

October 26
Emerald Princess — 12-day Canada & New England
Alexandre Renoir, Viktor Shvaiko, Eric Waugh, Michael Schwartz (art lecturer/historian on Picasso, Rembrandt, and Renoir)

Many of these artists also sail individually on select artist voyages throughout the year.

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