Oceania Cruises Announces First Annual Culinary Masters’ Cruise

Oceania Cruises will have its new Culinary Masters’ Cruise in October 2024. The cruise line’s dedication to culinary excellence and guest experiences will shine on this innovative cruise concept.

Two Master Chefs aboard Oceania Cruises ship.

Sailing will be hosted by Oceania’s Two Master Chefs of France. Includes special events, guest chefs and a Signature Gala Seafood Brunch. 

Oceania Cruises First Annual “Culinary Masters’ Cruise” Overview

Oceania Cruises, a distinguished cruise line renowned for its culinary and destination-centric approach, has unveiled plans for its inaugural ‘Culinary Masters’ Cruise’ set to take place aboard the Marina in October 2024.

This exclusive voyage, designed for food enthusiasts, will be led by Oceania Cruises’ two Master Chefs of France, Alexis Quaretti and Eric Barale, promising an immersive experience in the world of culinary arts.

Oceania Marina will depart from Valletta, Malta, and concluding in Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy, on October 16, 2024. This 1,250-passenger cruise will make stops at various ports in Croatia, Greece, and Italy. Guests will have the unique opportunity to explore and savor local cuisines both on board and ashore.

Oceania Cruises Raises the Culinary Bar Across the Industry

Marina, along with her sister ship Riviera, pioneered the concept of true foodie ships globally. The introduction of Oceania Vista, launched to acclaim in May, and the upcoming Allura in spring 2025, reinforces Oceania Cruises’ commitment to culinary excellence.

Boasting more galley space and fresh food storage than any other ship, Marina and Riviera set the standard. Oceania Cruises dedicates a remarkable percentage of its crew to the culinary experience, ensuring one chef for every ten guests.

Frank A. Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises, expressed the company’s commitment to culinary excellence, stating, “Oceania Cruises is a cruise line built by foodies, run by foodies, for foodies.” Del Rio emphasized the significance of the Culinary Masters’ Cruise as a natural evolution for a company that has consistently placed food at the core of its offerings. He highlighted the pride Oceania Cruises takes in being the only cruise line with two chefs inducted into the prestigious Maîtres Cuisiniers de France.

Oceania Cruises revolutionized the industry by introducing the first onboard cooking school on Marina and Riviera. Due to the resounding success of the Culinary Centers, the company has doubled the space on its newest ships, Vista and Allura.

Oceania Cruises Culinary Center class with guests cooking.

Get Onboard for a Truly Immersive Culinary Experience

The inaugural Culinary Masters’ Cruise aims to provide guests with an unparalleled foodie experience. Attendees will have the chance to learn about Oceania Cruises’ gourmet heritage and future directly from the culinary team.

The enrichment line-up includes onstage panel discussions, live cooking demonstrations by Chef Alex, Oceania Cruises’ Senior Culinary Director, and Chef Eric, Vice President of Culinary, along with special guests.

Guests will be treated to Oceania Cruises’ legendary Signature Gala Seafood Brunch, typically reserved for ship launches, and themed Chef’s Market Dinners in The Terrace Café. These dinners will feature ingredients sourced from local markets by the onboard culinary team, inspired by the destinations visited.

Oceania Marina Optional Shore Excursions

Exclusive experiences available for purchase include culinary tours in local ports, hands-on cooking classes led by Oceania Cruises’ esteemed culinary team, expert-led wine tastings onboard, and an exclusive private dinner event.

Chef Alex emphasized Oceania Cruises’ leadership in the culinary field, stating, “Oceania Cruises is already a proven leader in the culinary field, and we are excited to expand our already astounding offering with this exclusive cruise, which focuses on some of the finest destinations and cuisines in the world, to make this the ultimate cruise for food lovers.”

Ports Included on This Culinary Cruise

The Culinary Masters’ Cruise port calls are as tantalizing as the cuisine onboard. Departing from Valletta, Malta, the historic capital with international connections, the cruise will navigate the Mediterranean and Adriatic, making stops at picturesque locations such as Kotor, Montenegro; Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia; Bari, Italy; the Greek ports of Corfu and Katakolon. The cruise continues to Naples, Italy, before debarkation in Rome (Civitavecchia).

Oceania Cruises takes pride in offering travelers their “Simply MORE,” program. Included with the voyage fare are free roundtrip airfares, complimentary airport transfers, a generous $800 per stateroom shore excursion credit, and a comprehensive beverage package available during lunch and dinner featuring vintage Champagnes, premium wines, and international beers. This commitment to providing the greatest value in luxury cruising ensures that guests experience the epitome of a culinary and travel adventure.



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