S.S. Matsonia Kid Cocktail Party on a Cruise to Hawaii

“More punch, please?”

Check out the kid behind the punch bowl. This was taken aboard the MS Matsonia in 1961 at the Kids’ Gala Punch Party.  We were en route from Los Angeles to Honolulu; five nights across the ocean.  Despite the name “Pacific,” the seas had been pretty rough for three days.

Finally, on the night of the Captain’s (and Kids) (Captain Kidd’s?) cocktail party, the ocean calmed and everyone showed up for dinner in the dining room.  Most nights, the dining room was only half full.  A ship built in 1931 wasn’t equipped with any stabilizers.  Every night, clutched in my small hand was the ever-popular barf bag.  It followed me everywhere for the first three days.

Now, fifty years later, I have my sea legs and never need to take anything when being tossed about in rough seas.  If I feel a little queasy, I’ll eat a little something, munch on a green apple or ginger candy.  I used to travel with Sea Bands and an expired box of Bonine, just to push the limit.  Doesn’t matter though, because in really nasty conditions, the medical facilities on most ships hand out sea sick pills like candy.

Recommended for everyone’s bucket list: a transoceanic crossing.

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