Jean-Michel Cousteau Crystal Cruise Sailings 2018

During three Crystal cruises this year, Jean-Michel Cousteau will share tales from his lifetime of underwater exploration. Taking place this spring, fall and winter, the noted oceanographer will join one sailing each aboard Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity, and Crystal Esprit.

Cousteau will share tales and experiences from his lifetime of exploring and documenting the world’s oceans, as well as his ongoing work to continue the legacy of his famous father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Where you will find Jean-Michel Cousteau

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Crystal Cruise voyages will take place in three diverse geographic locations.

  • Crystal Serenity’s March 12th “Far East Vistas” voyage from Manila to Singapore
  • Crystal Symphony’s November 8th “Amazon Discovery” cruise round-trip from Fort Lauderdale
  • Crystal Esprit’s December 9th “West Indies Yachting Explorer” voyage round-trip from Marigot, St. Martin and the southern Caribbean.

“We are pleased to welcome Jean-Michel back on board this year to share his distinct perspectives on the wildlife and future of the oceans,” says Keith Cox, Vice President of Entertainment. “Our guests relish the opportunity to learn from leading experts as they explore the world, and Jean-Michel is the foremost authority on the very oceans they sail, as he’s dedicated his life to conserving them.”

In addition to lectures tailored to the region of each sailing, Cousteau will offer interactive and engaging presentations. Part of the program he will discuss his father’s work, in addition to insights into ocean life, including the delicate balance of the roles of orcas and sharks. Cousteau, the founder of the Ocean Futures Society, will discuss his conservation efforts and his work with this non-profit marine conservation and education organization.

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