Cruising Scotland’s Rugged West Coast, Inland Waterways and Lochs

Cruising Scotland
Cruising Scotland aboard Argyll Cruising “Splendour”


Episode 61: Cruising Scotland on the west coast with Argyll Cruising

Date:  Jan. 3, 2018


This is definitely a bucket list vacation.  Step aboard and settle in to your new home on the beautifully refurbished Splendour, an eight-passenger boat complete with ensuite accommodations and a gourmet chef.  Meet Jamie Duncan, one of three of this family-owned and operated cruise company.  Jamie explains life aboard the Splendour, from cozy accommodations complete with private bathrooms to the saloon (what we’d call the dining area) with accents of Scottish plaid on the banquette cushions and curtains.

While Jamie is shoreside running the day-to-day operations, dad Iain (known as Skipper Iain) is at the helm showing off this side of Scotland to which he is partial.  Mom Fiona does all the remaining tasks needed to keep their one ship cruise line front and center.

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