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So you’re planning to take an Amtrak train – maybe overnight and across the USA? Congratulations!  For decades, I’ve traveled multiple times on all Amtrak trains everywhere there’s a route.  Now I want to share my love of train travel with my Amtrak train reviews and Amtrak information. 

I hope my Amtrak train reviews will help you to plan your train trip.  From how to pack for an overnight train trip to a four-night cross country ride, plus what to expect, how to approach the dining car and more. 

I’ve also traveled extensively by trains through most of Europe.  You’ll find information about Europe train travel and getting to cruise ports in Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Southampton and more. 

You’ll also find information on how to take Amtrak trains to your cruise port across the USA.  It’s all here!

Amtrak Viewliner

Connecting to Wifi on Amtrak Trains and at Stations

Yes, Virginia.  There is wifi aboard Amtrak and at Amtrak stations.  However, all of us who travel with smart phones, tablets and computers close at hand need to know the limitations. The good news: wifi is offered aboard many Amtrak trains including long distance trains.  There’s also wifi at most Amtrak stations.  And it’s free!  […] Read more…

You can now travel with your pet on Amtrak. Certain rules and restrictions apply.

Amtrak Pets on Board Program Expands Across the USA

Amtrak allows passengers to travel with their small pets. Amtrak announced they’ve extended and expanded their pets on board program.  This means that passengers can continue to travel with their small pets.  Because of the overwhelming success of the pilot program, Amtrak Pets Program is now permanent on most eastern and select mid-western corridor trains. Have a longer […] Read more…

Amtrak Dining Car Silver Meteor

Aboard Amtrak Silver Star Without the Dining Car

Will the traditional dining car become history? Last year, Amtrak made an executive decision. They decided to eliminate the inclusive meals program in sleeping car passengers’ fare aboard the Silver Star. The Amtrak Silver Star is one of two overnight Amtrak trains that run between New York City and Miami. With the removal of the dining […] Read more…

Hell’s Gate Air Tram seen from Rocky Mountaineer

Upclose in the Canadian Rockies Aboard Rocky Mountaineer

A Rocky Mountaineer rail trip fulfills many vacation dreams. “Bear on the right!” a male Aussie voice shouted as heads swiveled and hands fumbled with cameras and phones. After months of planning, husband Rob and I were riding through the rugged Canadian Rockies in a Gold Leaf dome car on a Rocky Mountaineer rail trip. […] Read more…

One of the prettiest of the Amtrak Silver Meteor Dining Cars.

Overnight on Amtrak from Florida to New York City

There are plane people. And there are train people. Some people want to get there yesterday. Others, like me, enjoy the journey.  For train people, the trip begins when you step onboard. Settle into your seat.  Wait for that forward lurch when the wheels engage, signaling the journey has begun. It’s slow travel; scenic, relaxing and […] Read more…

How to Take an Amtrak Train to Your Cruise Port

Ride the train to your cruise port and forget flying! For those to love to cruise, life is easier living near a cruise ship homeport. There’s less stress on embarkation day with only short drive to the port. If you don’t live near a homeport, your choices to get there are limited. Endure a long-distance […] Read more…

Amtrak Viewliner

Amtrak Capitol Limited Superliner Bedroom Review

Amtrak Capitol Limited from Washington DC to Chicago I travel quite a bit aboard Amtrak trains all over the country. Sometimes it’s for one night, like from Florida to New York. Other times, I’m barreling across country on two-night train adventures, from Chicago to California, New Orleans to Los Angeles or even up to Washington […] Read more…

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