Carnival Cruise Line Says Bon Voyage to Coca-Cola and Hello Pepsi

Carnival Cruise Line has made the decision to drop long-time beverage partner Coco-Cola and pair up instead with Pepsi as the cruise line’s beverage supplier for its North American Fleet.

Carnival Cruise Line Pepsi Products

Beginning in January 2020, Carnival Cruise Line will serve only beverages from the PepsiCo brand. Of course you’ll find the trademark Pepsi and Diet Pepsi but there will also be several other brands that you may not know are also part of the PepsiCo family.

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When the transition is complete, guests aboard Carnival ships will still have a wide choice of beverages. From iced tea, sparkling flavored water, chilled coffee and sports drinks will be available. Also, juices and no sugar and low calorie options can be purchased.

“At Carnival Cruise Line, we invite our guests to Choose Fun, and now with PepsiCo’s extensive portfolio of brands, we’re able to give them more ways to choose a beverage that suits their taste, mood and preference,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “PepsiCo’s line-up of beverages will give our guests access to leading brands in growing non-soda categories like iced tea, juice and sparkling water, as well as popular soft drink brands that consumers love. We’re also excited to work with PepsiCo on our shared commitment to sustainability, including a reduced reliance on plastics, and alternative ways to deliver and serve water and other beverages.”

If you’re wondering what other beverages fall under the Carnival and Pepsi umbrella, they include Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Naked Juice, Gatorade, bubbly, Mountain Dew, Starbucks, Sierra Mist and Sierra Mist Zero Sugar.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for your question. To the best of my knowledge (and any insider info), no. But you never know. Thank you for reading my articles…much appreciated.

  2. Hi Diana,
    You’re right…they do not taste the same! More sugar in Pepsi, too. Cheers and thanks for your comment!


  3. Just as long as I can still have a Rum and COKE! (And no, it does NOT taste the same with Pepsi!!!)

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