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Bottled Water Packages – What They Cost on Different Cruise Lines

Bottled Water Packages

Finding the cost of bottled water packages isn’t easy.

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It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even though all cruise ships have their own state-of-the-art drinking water filtration systems, I rarely drink it. Maybe it was something that happened years ago when I turned on the bathroom tap and gross yell0w-brown water flowed out of it. Or maybe it’s simply because I drink either bottled water or filtered water at home that I’ve become used to it.

Plus, when you go ashore, you’re told over the loud speaker to be sure and bring bottled water with you.

By now, one would hope that no one refills their personal water bottles at the juice machines or water fountains. There aren’t many better ways to spread germs to other passengers. If you do prefer to reuse your water bottle and want to fill it from a pubic tap, grab a drinking glass, fill it up and pour into your container. Also, you can do the same from your stateroom’s bathroom faucet. It’s all the same water.

But if you’re like me and drink one to two liters of the bottled stuff a day, it’s much easier to order it online at the cruise line’s website, at least a week before your cruise. Yes, you can purchase your water package a little closer to sailaway day, but I’m always worried I’ll forget at the last minute or the cruise line will change their ordering policy.

Finding the cost of bottled water packages on cruise lines’ website isn’t always easy. Below is a table I created with the major cruise lines’ cost of their bottled water packages. Cruise lines that include complimentary water are shown at the end of the list.

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If you happen to be cruising aboard Viking Ocean, Azamara or Crystal Cruises, you’re in luck. Bottled water is part of their all-inclusive offerings. On Cunard, you can order bottled water packages once you are on board. Fill out the form in your stateroom and your room attendant will deliver it. It’s about $20 for 6 1.5 ML bottles.

Be prepared at check-out:  a 15% – 18% service fee may be added to the total at online checkout. Royal Caribbean states that it is included in the final price. Taxes are determined based on where you live.


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  1. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your question. By my best guess is that since you are buying bottles of water, I don’t see why it couldn’t be shared amongst others. This package seems expensive if not shared. That’s my guess. Have a fun and non-thirsty cruise!


  2. Celebrity states that bottle water package is $16 per day per person. Can 2 people share the same package? Thank you.

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