How to Get to Cape Liberty Cruise Port from Amtrak Station in Newark

I’m here to help with your Amtrak questions. Or so I thought. After someone read my How to Take Amtrak To Your Cruise Port article, she emailed me for directions from an Amtrak station either in New York or New Jersey to Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, New Jersey.

I was at a loss. But I did the Amtrak research and found out quite a bit. As a result, twice I’ve taken Amtrak to Newark, New Jersey. It’s easy and I’ll explain how to get to Cape Liberty Cruise Port by Amtrak. 

Cape Liberty Cruise Port

I’ve made the run from the Amtrak Newark Penn station in Jersey to Bayonne. Both times I went from Newark Penn station by taxi to Bayonne.

I had no idea where I was going and the taxi fare cost over $50. This was pre-Uber and pre-Lyft. Now both companies service Cape Liberty and for a lot less money.

How to Go to Cape Liberty Cruise Port from Newark Amtrak Station

Since Cape Liberty is mainly used by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity plus a sprinkling of Azamara, TUI Cruises and Viking Ocean, there’s not a lot of how-to information available. Especially if you travel by Amtrak.

I had to dig through four seemingly buried links on Royal Caribbean’s website until I finally found some info but it didn’t include Amtrak. No wonder this woman emailed me! I’d have given up, too.

Art deco style waiting room on the platform at Newark Penn station.

Here’s what you need to know to go from Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey (NOT Penn Station in New York City!) to Cape Liberty cruise port in Bayonne.

To go from Amtrak in Newark to Cape Liberty in Bayonne, there are a handful of options. There’s the aforementioned Uber and Lyft. The distance is about 10 miles and under 30 minutes from Newark Penn station to Cape Liberty cruise port.

Taxi to Cape Liberty

Expect to pay in $50 plus or minus a little, plus toll (a few dollars), plus tip.

Uber Estimator Amtrak Newark to Cape Liberty:

  • uberPOOL: $19-25
  • uberX: $16-21
  • uberXL: $24-31
  • uberBLACK: $57-75
  • UberSUV: $75-96

Lyft Estimator – Amtrak Newark to Cape Liberty:

  • Line: $14 – shared, 1-2 seats
  • Lyft: $15-22, 4 seats
  • Plus: $23-31, 6 seats
  • Premier: $28-39, 4 seats, high-end
  • Lux: $64-76, 4 seats, black car
  • Lux SUV: $82-96, 6 seats, black car

Where to Stay Near Newark, New Jersey Amtrak Station 

If you really want convenience, there’s a Hilton Hotel at Newark Penn Station. Arrive the night before your cruise and then late morning the next day, call Uber or Lyft. 
You’ll arrive at your ship refreshed and ready to cruise.
Depending upon your train departure time after the cruise, you may want or need to spend a night at the Hilton at Newark Penn Station.
Finally, here are directions for DIY cruisers who arrive into New York Penn Station (NOT Newark Penn Station), are very budget-conscious and don’t mind hauling their own luggage.
  • Take the PATH Rapid Transit System train from Manhattan to Jersey City or Hoboken.
  • Outside the PATH Station, take the NJ Hudson-Bergen Light Rail train to Bayonne.
  • Get off at the 34th Street Station in Bayonne.
  • You are now directly across Route 440 from the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor, which includes the Cape Liberty Cruise Port.
  • Call one of the three Bayonne taxi cab companies (or Uber or Lyft) to drive you to the cruise port, which is about two miles east of the Light Rail line.

For more information:
Cape Liberty Cruise Port
Bayonne, NJ 
4 Port Terminal Boulevard
Bayonne, N.J. 07002-5038

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  1. Hi LaBrina,
    Thank you for reading my article and taking the time to ask your question. I know of others who are petrified to drive over bridges. I don’t understand it but it is a real phobia. It’s always a safe bet to arrive for a cruise one day early. Less stress, time to relax and then you can even get to the ship in time for lunch! Bayonne cruise port is kind of a pain, but arriving the day before is a good idea. Whether by train or plane, delays seem to rule the day lately. Have a wonderful cruise and train ride! Thanks again for your question.

  2. Thank you for this information. I am traveling from Baltimore with my 14yo son and 4yo grandson. Sad to say, but I am terrified of large bridges (I know, irrational) so the drive for me is difficult. I was trying to determine other ways to get there without having to have someone drive us there and pick us up. The train may be my best choice.

    Now I am trying to determine if we should go in a day early to avoid any possible delays.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for your question. Personally, if I was going to Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, I would use the Newark station. I seem to remember one time that I left the train at the airport and it wasn’t fun – too much walking with my luggage and escalators to ground level to find a taxi at the airport.
    I hope this is helpful and that you enjoy your train ride and cruise.

  4. Hi
    Was wondering about options from Newark Airport to the Bayonne port.
    Amtrak offers stop both to The train station and the airport.
    Is it wise to go all the way to the airport via Amtrak. ?


  5. Hi Kelley,
    You’re right…it’s a trade-off; Amtrak rail fare or a hotel night. Be super careful to give yourself extra time in case the train is delayed. Like flying or driving to your port of embarkation, a delay (especially without travel insurance) can be really stressful or worse.

    Regarding Lyft or Uber…it’s easiest to just put your question about Uber or Lyft categories into Google. Most likely, the first choices will be directly with the supplier. You definitely don’t want a shared car. That could add precious minutes to your ride.

    Have a wonderful and safe journey to Bayonne. It’s a complicated port to reach, for sure.

  6. Hi Sherry,

    I just circled back to this post because last time I went to Bayonne, I stayed at a hotel and used their shuttle the next day. It wasn’t bad. But this time around, I think I will take Amtrak from Boston to Newark Penn, and then taxi over. I saw that if you can book super early on Amtrak, you can get a decent deal. It will still add another $125-$150 or so to the trip but eliminates the need to stay over.

    I am not a Lyft and Uber user. On the rates you posted, where can I find what the different categories mean, like Uber 2-4, Uber shared, etc.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Kelley,
    I’m glad my instructions were helpful. I totally agree…getting to Bayonne for a cruise can be a deal-breaker for me. Amtrak to Newark is the best option. Thank you for your comment. Happy cruising!

  8. Hi, this was very helpful.
    For me, the problem stems from the fact that the cruise lines no longer offer bus transport out of the New England area, so we are at
    a loss for getting to Bayonne. NYC is easier for me for Norwegian but I finally resolved just to go down via Amtrak to Penn Newark,, stay overnight at a hotel, and use the the hotel shuttle to the terminal.

    I don’t care for this option. It cost me a lot more than the $100 the cruise companies used to charge to take the bus round trip. I can fly pretty easily from Boston but that’s expensive.

    Bayonne is just not easy unless people live in that area. But thank you so much for all of your work on this.

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