“Popped Up” by artist Ervin Loránth Hervé

Friday Photo “Popped Up,” from Budapest, Hungary

“Popped Up” by artist Ervin Loránth Hervé
Even more dramatic at night, this impressive sculpture depicts a scowling man emerging from the earth.

It’s called, “Popped Up” by artist Ervin Loránth Hervé.

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Made of polystyrene, the huge sculpture, “Popped Up” is on display at Széchenyi Square, overlooking the Danube River. The gorgeous Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel serves as a backdrop, and is even more striking when illuminated at night. The sculpture was featured in the 2014 Budapest Art Market.

I was aboard Viking River Cruises Viking Lif, on a 14-night river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. We were docked in THE prime location; at the foot of the famous Chain Bridge on the Pest side of the river and opposite the sprawling Budapest Parliament Building on the Buda side.

Budapest is a wonderfully walkable city, especially on the Pest side, where the nightlife hits full-swing after 11pm. Camera in hand and only yards from the Chain Bridge and the immense sculpture, it was a total surprise when I saw this giant angry man covered in what looked like the park’s front lawn.

I don’t know how long this installation will be on display, probably until the 2015 Art Market in mid-October. If you are planning a river cruise that begins or ends in Budapest, be sure to take a walk over to see “Popped Up” and fully appreciate the weirdness and beauty of it all!

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