Fast(est) Internet at Sea? It’s Royal Caribbean VOOM Gone Fleetwide!

Royal Caribbean VOOM Royal Caribbean VOOM high speed, fastest internet at sea program.

Like watching paint dry. That’s about the speed when internet at sea began. Over the years, it’s gotten better. And then there’s now.

Meet VOOM, the fastest Internet at sea now available across the entire Royal Caribbean fleet. Streaming, sharing, posting images are all possible. That means not only fast but now a ship’s bandwidth can handle it.

Royal Caribbean VOOM went fleetwide on May 1, 2016. Watch Netfllix, stream Spotify, upload and post to Facebook and Instagram. Plus, you can use Facetime and Skype.

How is all of this possible?

Royal Caribbean’s ships have employed a combination of technology from multiple providers. Royal Caribbean states that “there will be slight variations in service based on ship location.”

VOOM is 6x faster than any other internet at sea. According to Royal Caribbean, “Everything you can do at home, you’ll be able to do onboard.” Each Royal Caribbean ship gets its signal directly from a satellite beam dedicated to a specific ship and that orbits close to the Earth.

VOOM offers two flat-rate packages – Surf and Surf+Stream

Surf is intended for those who just want moderate use of the internet for simple online tasks; surfing the internet, sending/receiving email and posting photos on social media.

Cost:  Prices start from $12.99 per device per day. Additional devices can connect at a lower rate. Family package allows five or more devices at $8.99 per device per day.

Surf+Stream is for guests that want it all. Stream Netflix and Spotify, use Facetime and Skype.

Cost: Prices start from $17.99 per device per day. Discounts available for additional devices. Family packages of five or more devices begin at $11.99 per device per day.

Royal Caribbean VOOM Note: Family package isn’t included on the above chart. Please consult Royal Caribbean for latest pricing for five or more devices.
To prevent phone carrier charges and fees, Royal Caribbean suggests putting your phone on Airplane Mode and/or turn off data/roaming services.

How to purchase

Cruisers can purchase VOOM either pre-cruise when you complete your Pre-Cruise Registration or when onboard. Packages are available on all sailings. As of this writing, if you purchase your VOOM package pre-cruise, you will receive a 30% discount, according to the latest info on Royal Caribbean’s website.

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