Cruising on Columbia and Snake rivers through Oregon

If you’re looking for adventure right in your own backyard, look no further than the Columbia and Snake rivers.  A cruise along the ruggedly beautiful Columbia River reveals little-known slices of American history, quaint towns, towering peaks and a trio of snow-capped volcanoes.  Enter the Snake River at the eastern end of Oregon for gentle rapids and sheer canyon walls.

It was just luck and timing that my Princess Hawaii cruise ended two days before my American Cruise Line Columbia and Snake river cruise began. I was able to hop aboard Amtrak’s famed, overnight Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and arrive the night before my river cruise.

Aboard the Queen of the West, American Cruise Lines, on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington.
A random river stop aboard the Queen of the West somewhere along the Columbia River on the Washington side.

Right at the river’s edge in Portland sits the Red Lion Inn, a sprawling low-rise hotel, not related to the discount hotel chain of the same name.  A walk out from the lobby’s glass doors revealed a surprise…the Queen of the West was docked at the hotel.  For once, I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic delays in the morning.

In a nutshell, click here to learn more about the rugged scenery, history and exciting experiences on a Snake River cruise.  Please subscribe to to receive the next installment on my Queen of the West Snake River cruise.

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