CroisiEurope Mekong River Cruises Aboard New River Ship in Cambodia

To meet the increasing demand for Mekong River cruises, CroisiEurope recently launched its newest ship, the RV Indochine II, 6 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Ship details

  • Able to accommodate up to 62 passengers in 31 cabins  all with private balconies;
  • The ship measures 213 ft. long and 43 ft. wide and has a 3.2 ft. reduced draft that allows it to cruise longer than the other ships on Tonle Sap Lake;
  • The restaurant is located at the stern and a panoramic lounge bar is at the bow. Both have large windows and lead to an atrium.
  • An outside bar and lounge is adjacent to the pool on the upper deck;
  • On the main deck, massage services are available to passengers.

The Indochine II’s design is inspired by the style of the rich commercial fleets cruising on the Mekong: wide, low vessels with prominent sheers on the outside decks covered in exotic wood and encircled with gangways, and a wheelhouse in top position on the bow. The RV Indochine II design naturally fits in with the CroisiEurope fleet, using the same red Vietnamese wood providing cruise-ship charm inside and out.

The interior decor reflects the French colonial era with a touch of contemporary trends, creating its own original style that we like to call “neo- colonial.” Full of charm and elegance, its ambiance echoes the past while remaining firmly within modern vogue.

Wide decks include multiples areas to relax and have fun—on the bow, near the restaurant and the water, and at the bar on the stern of the upper deck. A huge outside lounge surrounds a large raised, cool-water pool shaded by one of the ship’s two awnings.

Cruise itinerary

Like the other CroisiEurope ships on the Mekong, the RV Indochine II cruises in both directions on 11-day trips between Siem Reap, Cambodia and Saigon, Vietnam via Phnom Penh from August to April. This is the only cruise ship that can dock in the heart of Saigon within walking distance to the city center.

Highlights of the cruise

  • Tour of the temples of Angkor
  • Refined international and local cuisine
  • All visits included
  • Drinks included with meals are defined in the program (tea, coffee, bottled water)
  • Unlimited beverages and snack during the day
  • Colonial charm in Phnom Penh
  • Colorful scenery to build memories of a lifetime
  • Discover the floating villages teeming on Tonle Sap Lake and the fish farms on the Mekong Delta

About the Mekong River

From the heights of the Himalayas to the southern coasts of the South China Sea, winding over 2,700 miles, the Mekong is much more than just irrigation for Indochina. Take an expedition on this l “water snake.” Discover Tonle Sap Lake and the ruins in Angkor, follow the footsteps of Henri Mouhot to Ho Chi Minh City—still largely influenced by the French colonial days. The meditative 11-day trip takes guests along the Mekong River on board a ship combining charm and comfort.

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