Cooking in St. Lucia

Chef prepares popular island cuisine in Barefoot Holiday's Flavors of St. Lucia culinary tour.
Chef demonstrates island culinary techniques in Barefoot Holiday’s Flavors of St. Lucia culinary tour. Photo: Barefoot Holidays

Barefoot Holidays launches “Flavors of St. Lucia” culinary tour.

When I’m on a Caribbean cruise, I’m always looking for something new and fun to do on the islands. If a port tour has anything to do with food or local drinks, you can usually count me in.

The problem for me is to find unique culinary tours, especially ones that are cruise passenger-friendly. Meaning, the time of the tours, proximity to the cruise port and the size of the group make it easy, convenient and a more personalized shore experience.

Barefoot Holidays to the rescue. Leading island destination management company, Barefoot Holidays, has introduced their “Flavors of St. Lucia” culinary tour. Guests to this verdant, mountainous island can now experience hands-on cooking in St. Lucia and prepare an authentic Caribbean three-course luncheon.

Cooking in St. Lucia with Barefoot Holiday's Flavors of St. Lucia Culinary Excursion offers hands on participation.
Barefoot Holiday’s Flavors of St. Lucia Culinary Excursion offers hands on participation. Photo:  Barefoot Holidays

Well-known St. Lucian Master Chefs, Chef Orlando Satchell and Chef Pascal, lead the tours and teach guests their cooking techniques and how to use local fruits, vegetables and herbs “island-style.” The three-hour demonstration is held at the “Greenwood Terrace Heritage Experience”, a new cultural attraction comprised of lush tropical gardens, a culinary facility and a mini-museum.

In contrast to a cruise lines’ popular cooking excursions with fifteen or more guests, the “Flavors of St. Lucia” tour allows only six to fourteen people at a time. Definitely a more personalized experience. Guests learn how to prepare local dishes and how to enhance the flavor of each recipe by incorporating fresh native grown fruits, vegetables and herbs to give each dish an authentic Caribbean flavor.

The cost of the excursion is $110 per person. Private excursions are also available. Complimentary transportation is included from the main cruise port in the north as well as from the Rodney Bay Marina and hotels.

“The fastest way to become immersed in the culture and history of St. Lucia is to learn about its cuisine,” said Erwin Louisy, president of Barefoot Holidays. “The authentic, hands-on demonstration introduces guests to the techniques, traditions and Creole recipes passed on through generations. Participants are sure to carry this unique knowledge home with them and incorporate it into their everyday lives, long after their vacations end.”

“Not only will the guests enjoy the flavorful cuisine, they can also lend a hand in the preparation and take home their new-found knowledge to attempt in their own kitchen!” said Louisy.

For a real flavor of St. Lucia, guests will help prepare and then devour local pumpkin and spinach soup followed by a grilled cocoa and herb marinated freshly-caught mahi mahi, served on a slice of watermelon with a fruit salsa. A light island mango mousse is dessert.

After the cooking session and discussion with the chef, guests are free to explore the lush tropical gardens on the grounds as well as the mini-museum.

“’Flavors of St. Lucia’ will leave guests with authentic and fond memories, an honorary cooking certificate and a new found love for Caribbean cuisine,” said Louisy.

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