What’s Really Included in Your “All-Inclusive” River Cruise

Nearly every river cruise company touts themselves as being an All-Inclusive river cruise experience. But what does that really mean?

In Europe, major river cruise lines actually come close to being an all-inclusive product. From wine, beer and soda at lunch and dinner to (most) shore excursions and activities ashore, these are the most frequently included offerings.

In the USA, many river cruise lines also offer a complimentary happy hour with premium spirits, in addition to wine, beer and soda at lunch and dinner.

For shore excursions in the USA and Europe, except for the ultra-luxe brands, there are usually one or two fee-based optional shore excursions offered. For example, some river cruise lines charge a fee for the Mozart concert in Vienna. Others include it.

Like to bike? Some river cruise companies carry their own bikes onboard. Others negotiate with a shore side bike rental company and charge guests for use, either on a guided tour or individual.

As competition heats up, all-inclusive options will become a focal point for the haves and have-nots. This won’t be static by any means. Be sure to thoroughly understand what is included and not included when booking your river cruise. If you’re thinking of booking way ahead of time, check into whether any new all-inclusive options are scheduled to be added by the time you begin your cruise.

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