Princess Cruises New Chocolate Journeys Infographic is a Tasty Reveal

Princess Cruises Chocolate Journeys creation: Chocolate Tiramisu, Mascarpone Cream and Espresso Gelato.
Princess Cruises new creation: Chocolate Tiramisu, Mascarpone Cream and Espresso Gelato.

Chocolate Journeys dishes up a premium chocolate experience.

I love chocolate and I love cruises. So naturally, I’m excited about the new Chocolate Journeys. When I read the press release about the collaboration between Princess Cruises and world-famous chocolatier, Norman Love, I had to find out more information.

Set to launch aboard the new Regal Princess in November 2014, Chocolate Journeys will be fleet-wide by January 2015. There will be chocolate desserts, chocolate pops, chocolate and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, chocolate drink menus and even chocolate spa treatments. Yum.

When I found this cute Princess Cruises Chocolate Journeys infographic that lists all sorts of odd facts about our penchant for this ancient bean, I had to share it with you.


Princess Chocolate Infographic to highlight Princess Cruises new Chocolate Journeys Princess Chocolate infographic 2

Photos: Princess Cruises

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  1. Great infographic. After seeing how much people love chocolate, and hopefully good chocolate, I had comment here. The Princess Chocolate Experience sounds like a great addition. And like ~75% of Americans, at POMiami we can’t give up chocolate either.

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