Oceania Cruises Free Wifi Available Soon on All Ships

Oceania Marina docked in Miami.

Oceania Cruises free wifi available soon

For passengers who want or need to stay connected at sea, using wifi aboard cruise ships has been a totally frustrating experience for years. But this situation is improving, especially for guests on Oceania Cruises. The luxury cruise line will soon offer free high-speed internet access onboard all of their six ships.

Called Wavenet, the new internet provider will enable passengers to quickly upload and download large files, keep up with their Netflix binges, access and stream Spotify and other music providers.

The new Wavenet service will offer basic free and unlimited wifi and be included for all stateroom and suite categories on all sailings. If you want to stream videos, listen to Spotify or Pandora or connect to friends and family back home via Facetime or Skype, you’ll need the streaming package.

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To access streaming, there’s an upgrade to Wavenet Prime, available for $9.99 per day. But basic wifi is still unlimited and free.

“With our new Wavenet high-speed internet, our guests and crew can continue to surf, post and stream aboard our ships from anywhere around the globe, just as they would at home,” stated Bob Binder, president & CEO of Oceania Cruises.

Wavenet and Wavenet Prime will be available on all vessels by the end of April.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Yes, the internet will be free. Depending upon how much bandwidth is being used at the same time, you should be able to FaceTime. Once you are onboard, there are upgrade packages available for purchase that would most likely give you streaming capability for FaceTime, Skype and movies. Have a wonderful cruise.

  2. Are you able to I message for free? We are leaving from Athens on July 12 in Cabin 8143. Will we be able to FaceTime for no charge. Thank you for your help.

  3. Hi Bruce,
    Feel free to drop me a note after your cruise, with an update on your thoughts on their new free wifi system. Thanks and have a fabulous cruise!


  4. Thanks for the update. The internet was really worse than the ancient dial up method of accessing the internet. We are anxious to try out the new system on our next Oceania cruise.

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