Marjerie Glacier at Glacier Bay Alaskan Dream Cruises

Stay Longer to Explore Glacier Bay, Alaska

Alaskan Dream Cruises new itinerary adds two more days in Glacier Bay

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If exploring Alaska on a 10-person expedition vessel sounds exciting, this could be the cruise for you. Alaskan Dream Cruises received the permits for their 10-passenger Misty Fjord ship to spend two days in Glacier Bay. A UNESCO world Heritage Site, Glacier National Park is home to over 25 active glaciers.

As I learned last August, one of the coolest things about cruising with Alaskan Dream Cruises is that the ship goes wherever the captain thinks will offer the best viewing or active adventures. The little Misty Fjord, only 60-feet long, will sail their new eight-day Alaskan Dream Adventure Series itineraries. Built for in-depth wilderness exploration, the ship can take guests as up-close and personal to wildlife and glaciers as allowed.

“Just imagine taking in the grandness of Glacier Bay from the deck of the 60-foot Misty Fjord. This ship was built for in-depth wilderness exploration. It will take travelers as close to glaciers and wildlife as is allowed,” Alaskan Dream Cruises Director of Sales Douglass McLatchie said. “This is Glacier Bay like few have seen it.

Where you’ll explore

Bartlett Cove Glacier Bay Alaska

A lot depends on weather. If all goes as planned, visits to Margerie (constantly calving!), Lamplugh and Reid glaciers will be potential destinations.

At Bartlett Cove, the headquarters for Glacier National Park, guests will visit the Huna Tribal House to learn about the ancestral home of the Huna Tlingit people. The ship picks up a naturalist who talks about biology, geography and ecology of Glacier Bay.

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In addition to enrichment, you could spot wildlife to include black and brown bears, humpback whales, Steller sea lions, sea otters and more. A cruise past South Marble Island reveals a nesting area for puffins and other bird species.

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