JetBlue debuts new feature-packed inflight TV software

The leader in inflight entertainment, JetBlue, is raising the bar once again for the inflight viewing experience.

JetBlue has unveiled its latest software system, Blueprint by JetBlue, which powers the inflight TVs on many of its jets.

The software includes many excellent new features, which the carrier believes will be a crowd-pleaser with travelers.

“By launching Blueprint by JetBlue, we are doubling down on our commitment to help customers create an inflight experience tailored to their needs and preferences, making their flight as comfortable as their own living rooms,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and customer support


Interior of the new JetBlue updated cabin and JetBlue inflight entertainment.
JetBlue Inflight Entertainment

JetBlue inflight entertainment – Blueprints feature-packed software upgrade

One of the most exciting new features of the new Blueprint by JetBlue inflight entertainment software is the ability for a group of up to six passengers to watch the same content together on different TV screens during a flight. This unique feature, where you can play and pause the content simultaneously across screens, is a perfect opportunity to watch a movie with your travel group. JetBlue is the first airline to offer such a feature, enhancing its customers’ overall inflight entertainment experience.

JetBlue has designed the Blueprint software with your personal preferences in mind. It will offer content recommendations based on your previous viewing history, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off on a previous flight – whether it was just a same-day connection or from months back. This personalized approach ensures that your inflight entertainment experience is tailored to your liking.

You will be able to save your favorite content and your saved settings, such as volume, language, and parental controls, all synced to your Blueprint profile across all eligible JetBlue flights featuring the new software.

To fully access the suite of new personalized features, you’ll need to log in to the seatback screen. This will require you to share your full name and date of birth.

JetBlue used to greet passengers by their first name on their in-flight TVs. However, some travelers found it a little disturbing, especially when they needed to change seats at the last minute or were reassigned seats prior to boarding. So, JetBlue is now letting passengers change their preferred names on their travel profiles. When they board the plane, this name will be used in a personalized welcome message.

JetBlue will be able to greet travelers (who have created a Blueprint profile) flying on their birthday with confetti graphics on their seatback screen and will give them a complimentary alcoholic beverage with a 21+ age restriction. *put this in italics or something.

Additional enhancements include displaying information about connecting flights on screens and allowing for seatback ordering on Airbus A321LR and A321neo with Mint aircraft.

When to  expect the upgraded JetBlue inflight entertainment

JetBlue’s new entertainment software will be available on Thales AVANT touchscreens in the coming weeks. However, it will not be available on the older Airbus A321 aircraft with the original and very outdated Mint business-class product.

Bottom Line

I have not had the chance to try out the new Blueprint software for JetBlue inflight entertainment, but it is very much on par with what some other major carriers like Delta are doing with their Delta Sync technology, and international carriers like Japan Airlines, Qatar, and Emirates. Who knows if the personalization aspect of the new software will be a big hit with passengers and convert other carrier die-hards into JetBlue frequent fliers? Only time will tell if this investment in inflight entertainment technology will pay off for JetBlue.

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