Grease the Musical Debuts Aboard Harmony of the Seas

Grease the musical aboard Harmony of the Seas Grease is the Word as Danny, Sandy, Kenickie and of course Rizzo get Harmony of the Seas’ audiences on their feet!

Another “First” by Royal Caribbean. A fully licensed, Tony Award-winning Broadway production of Grease.

When Alan Carr brought the movie version of the hit Broadway and West End play, Grease, to the big screen, it quickly became an iconic American movie. While some of my girlfriends fell for Danny Zukor (John Travolta) it was Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) that stole my heart. I must have seen the movie two dozen times at least. Who doesn’t remember the opening beach scene? We knew most of the words (Summer Nights), some of the dance moves (Go Greased Lightning!) and pretty soon everyone was singing along with the music in the movie.

And the same seems to be happening aboard the Harmony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean has been producing Broadway-style shows for years onboard its newest ships; Chicago and Hairspray are among them. But it’s the energy of dancing and songs by the cast and incredible music from Grease that gets the audience on their feet.

It’s partly generational, too. Those of us over 50 can remember when Grease was the word, at least the movie version. While not everyone was able to see it on stage, almost everyone saw it at the movies that memorable summer of ’78.

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  1. Hi Cindy, I was told that on 8-night and longer cruises (Europe), there are 4 shows and 4 different showtimes: 7:00, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:00pm so everyone can see the show no matter what their dinner time. When the Harmony comes over here, there will probably be 3 performances at 3 different times so again, everyone can have a chance to see Grease.
    Have a wonderful cruise and Happy Travels!

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