New Carnival Military Appreciation Program

If you like to cruise and are a veteran, did you know that Carnival holds an onboard military appreciation gathering event once per cruise? Held on every cruise that departs from the U.S., it’s Carnival’s way of showing their ongoing support.

Carnival ship entering Nassau Harbor as it passes the lighthouse.

Carnival Launches New Monthly Cruise Giveaway for Military

In honor of Veterans Day, Carnival Cruise Line is launching a new monthly cruise giveaway for active and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces who attend one of Carnival’s military appreciation events. Plus, there’s a special booking incentive in November provides special discounts for military personnel and are combinable with Carnival’s Early Saver rates.

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Carnival’s shipboard military appreciation events will feature a chance for military families to win a free three- to eight-day cruise from any U.S. homeport to the Bahamas, Caribbean or Mexico. One drawing per month will be held from all entries received fleetwide. The monthly winners will be announced on John Heald’s Facebook page.

The special booking promotion for active and retired military personnel is offered from Nov. 3-14, 2017. The promotion offers a $50 onboard credit per cabin, a two-category upgrade and reduced deposits from $99 per person. Guests who qualify for the promotion can book up to two additional staterooms with the same bonuses and pricing.

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  1. Hi Steven,

    I would suggest a start of calling Carnival and ask if there is someone in that department with whom you could speak. Also, John Heald, the Carnival “Ambassador” has a FB page and people add comments there…and hopefully he replies. Carnival’s phone number is 1-800-327-9501. You could also check out their website and the fine print at the very bottom might have a link or an email address you could use. Hope this helps.

  2. I have some comment and recommendation to the military appreciation program event held on the Carnival ships. Who do I address these comments to?

  3. I’m trying to get my 100.00 Military Shipboard credit on my up coming 7 day Carnival cruise and their saying it never existed. Princess gave me 100 for my 7 day cruise 6 months ago and Carnival also did the same thing 4 years ago giving me 250.00 for my 15 day cruise. Anyone know if they stopped doing this on Carnival but not on Princess.

  4. I do appreciate the giveaways that you do once a month, but I also feel that with as many Military member both Retired and Active Duty that cruise with Carnival there could be a better Military Discount or onboard credit. The onboard credit goes right back to the company so it’s not like you’re loosing anything. I travel yearly with my family and several other people in my party that are retired military that have been deployed more than 4 times including myself and the Early Saver is nearly always better than the Military Discounted rate!!!! That’s ridiculous. I just think you could do a lot better for our Military that’s all!

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