With Spruce Goose Museum Gone, Long Beach and Carnival Reach Agreement

Photo: Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau
Photo: Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

Carnival Plans to Homeport More Ships at the Port of Long Beach.

Once a museum that housed Howard Hughes’ all-wood Spruce Goose “flying boat”, the entire landmark Geodesic Dome will be a fully operational cruise terminal thanks to Carnival. The cruise line has reached an agreement with the City of Long Beach and the management company that oversees the Geodesic Dome, to expand the Dome to accommodate more and larger Carnival ships. 

At present, Carnival only has partial use of the dome.  The agreement will add almost three-times as much space as it has now. With Carnival able to use 100% use of the Dome, the additional space needed to accommodate passengers embarking and disembarking ships at the same time, is a much-anticipated done deal. 

Carnival has been using part of the Geodesic Dome since 2003 and this new additional space has excited everyone involved with the project. “The expansion of the Carnival Cruise terminal is great news for Long Beach and great news for visitors to our city,” said Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. “The added capacity will bring more tourism and economic activity to Long Beach, and we’re pleased to continue working with Carnival for many years to come.”

Shoreside Electricity Plug-in Grid

Plans also include expansion of portside cold-ironing capacity to accommodate larger vessels. The technology enables cruise ships to plug into the local electric grid and reduce exhaust emissions while docked.

In addition, Carnival is working with Urban Commons on enhancements to the area surrounding the dome and the adjacent Queen Mary attraction, as well as ways to expand parking capacity to accommodate future growth.

Today, Carnival’s recently refurbished Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination cruise year-round from the Port of Long Beach on three- and four-day Baja cruises. The Carnival Miracle sails seven-day cruises to the Mexican Riviera and 14- and 15-day cruises to Hawaii and Alaska round-trip from Long Beach.

In case you’re wondering the whereabouts of the Spruce Goose, since 2001 it has feathered its nest at a new home in McMinnville, Oregon.

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