Transatlantic Cruise Deals are Happening Now

Cruise to Europe.  Don’t start your vacation with jet lag.

The only way I travel to and from Europe is on a transatlantic crossing.  I’ve done it twelve times in the last seven years.  Last week, I booked my next transatlantic duo, for later this year.  And yes, most times, I pay for my transatlantic cruise, just like everyone else.  Which is why, to me, price matters.

Leaving for Europe from New York aboard Queen Mary 2
Leaving for Europe from New York aboard Queen Mary 2.

If you are considering a trip to Europe in the spring (who can resist April in Paris?), you might want to forget the airlines and head out on an Atlantic Ocean adventure instead.  The price of a transatlantic crossing is at an incredible low.  Not only can you select anywhere from a seven to eighteen-day cruise, you also arrive into Europe well-fed, well rested and without jetlag.

Silk Den bartender Jacqui aboard Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam. Great way to spend a sea day!
Silk Den bartender Jacqui aboard Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam. Great way to spend a sea day!

If there was any way I could leave this spring, I’d make two transatlantic crossings this year…the prices are that good.  But my daughter’s birthday is mid-May and she’s requested that I am home.  Instead, I’ll share what I’ve found for spring crossings and maybe it’ll get you on your first or fifteenth voyage to the Old World.

These aren’t the ONLY deals out there…just the best values that I could find. These are all inside category, as that can be a good indicator of price range in all categories.  Not always, but most times.

March 30       Eurodam                    $499   14-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Rome
April 6            Nieuw Amsterdam     $599   14-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona
April 6            Ryndam                      $499   15-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona

April 14          Equinox                      $649   13-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Malaga, Spain
April 19          Eclipse                        $649   13-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton
April 20         Silhouette                   $899  15-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Rome
April 29          Infinity                       $499   13-nights       Miami to Harwich

April 16          Queen Victoria           $805   12-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton
May 16           Queen Mary 2            $1,099  7-nights        New York to Southampton

April 27          Epic                            $349   11-nights       Miami to Barcelona
May 5             Star                             $609   14-nights       Miami to Copenhagen

April 18          Emerald Princess       $805   15-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton
April 27          Ruby Princess            $705    14-nights      Ft. Lauderdale to Copenhagen

April 20          Adventure                  $379   14-nights       Miami to Southampton
April 26          Serenade                    $479   16-nights       New Orleans to Barcelona
April 30          Brilliance                   $769   14-nights       Tampa to Harwich
May 1              Liberty                       $489   13-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona
May 4             Independence           $349   13-nights       Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton

Please remember that rates are subject to change and availability; so don’t wait for the ship to be sold out or your preferred category to be gone.


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