Scenic is First River Cruise Line to Offer Salt Lounges

Scenic’s recent re-design of two of its France-based Space Ships – Scenic Diamond and Sapphire – included a number of improvements like reducing the amount of cabins and guest capacity while maintaining the crew count for better personalized service. They’ve also added a private cooking emporium called Culinaire, which will offer tailored cooking classes. Also, Scenic is now the first and only river cruise line to offer therapeutic salt lounges on two of their ships, added during the refits.

The three-station salt lounge offers guests a non-invasive way to feel energized and healthier while staying completely relaxed. The temperature-controlled room was built with salt bricks, and creates a micro-climate of a natural salt mine. The lounging chairs are separated by curtains for privacy, and calming music and low lighting give travelers the perfect chance to unwind. Guests aboard the two ships can come and go from the salt rooms as they wish, spending up to 45 minutes there. Finishing up with a customized Aroma Oil Massage is the perfect way to end a relaxing afternoon in the “salt mines.”

Salt therapy has been around for centuries, its helpful properties first noticed by European monks who found that ailing respiratory patients who spent time in the natural salt caverns improved much faster. In the 1950s, scientists proved their effectiveness for respiratory problems, and began what is now known as Halotherapy (“halo” is Greek for salt).

The Scenic Space Ships offer all-inclusive experiences; from free drinks, balcony staterooms, private butler service, to six dining options onboard and included Freechoice activities. Everything is included in the price of the voyage, except for a haircut or massage. Scenic Diamond sails the rivers of Bordeaux in souther France, while Scenic Sapphire sails along France’s Rhône and Saône Rivers.

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